With a few limited but direct and robust choices in styles, Larsen Bay slippers lack anything fancy to them. However, they make up for that with their low price and their general reliable incorporation of useful, straightforward features. The soles are, as with most Woolrich-marketed slippers, resistant to slips. The interiors have a memory foam-based design that provide comfort and adjust themselves to the unique weight of the user.

The Sherpa lining that the Birchwood men's slipper has isn't common to all slippers sold by the company. However, it is a frequently-occurring feature, due to the pleasant and useful nature of the padding. This is further supported with memory foam. The exterior, though, is the most noticeable thing about Birchwood slippers, with an enjoyable suede look.

Although the memory foam, gripping soles, and Sherpa lining are all fairly standard, the Joshua slipper is important for one aspect in its design with a deliberate lack rather than an inclusion. These clog-styled slippers have no back, making them quick and simple to slide on or slide off without the use of one's hands. Besides making them easy to use, it also gives them an unforgettable appearance.

The most colorful selections for Woolrich-style slippers are the Redwood slippers. These are deliberately fluffy and come in brighter and more numerous shades than most other slippers. They're also quite comfortable, just as their appearance would make you think.

Wool Sheep slippers are a somewhat unusual contrast in Woolrich's various slippers. These feminine slippers put little emphasis on fashion or looking pleasant, and instead rely on the sheer pleasure and comfort of a wool interior and exterior. Also unlike most slippers, which tend to rely on rubber soles, this product uses double-felt with a gripping treatment.

Besides male and female types of slippers, Woolrich markets gender-neutral slippers as well. If you need to buy a present without gender implications, or just want something to share around, the Alpine slipper is a worthy choice. It's one of Woolrich's designs that puts emphasis on simple beauty with soft shearling being the primary factor. It also has a bacteria-fighting treatment on the interior, in order to reduce embarrassing smells.

Closest in similarity to the likewise ankle-hugging Woolrich slipper socks, Alpine boots are a kind of slipper-like item that may for some substitute for slippers entirely. They share the design built towards warmth and comfort, in function. In appearance, the use of sheepskin and suede create a natural, earthy look like many similar slippers Woolrich offers.

Spending money on slippers in the Woolrich style is not necessarily a large expenditure. The lower models cost only slightly more than thirty dollars by recommended price points. Beyond that, even the best slippers will rarely cost a hundred dollars or more. That makes them cheaper than Woolrich home bedding, for comparison.