Many people are unaware about the benefits of a humidifier. But if one visits the market, one will find out that there are many different types of humidifiers and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Humidifiers are systems that keep the air inside the house moist and at acceptable levels. Today, more and more people are opting for a humidifier in their house to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Besides ensuring the health of the family, the furniture and upholstery of the house are also kept safe.

Honeywell and Their Humidifiers

Honeywell has been a manufacturer of good humidifiers for many years now. Today, this name is synonymous with quality and satisfaction. They keep innovating and bettering their products to keep up with the changing times and changing requirements of customers. All their products come with 5 year warranties and their professional expertise of their workers ensure than customers are always satisfied with their products.

Honeywell Quietcare Humidifier

As the name denotes, the Honeywell Quietcare humidifier has been developed with the use of stealth technology. It has a fan that reduces noise. It also uses the AgION Antimicrobial Filter Technology to stop the growth of bacteria and other unwanted elements. It provides sufficient humidity to a large room and is easy to fill. The best part about this humidifier is its size which ensures that one needs to fill it every 2-3 days only depending on the fan setting. However, one disadvantage is that this humidifier is quiet only when the setting is low.

Some of the models of the Honeywell Quietcare humidifier are listed below. Basically they come in four different model types:

• The HCM-800 comes with a permanent washable filter. This model is quieter than the models with a temporary filter.
• HCM-630 can output three gallons per day and has an auto shutoff. It available in a small size and hence is space efficient.
• HCM-649BW is either a tabletop or a tower version.
• ECM-250i come equipped with a night light. It also has an ionizer to eradicate impurities.

Choosing the Right Model

Budget and space are the prime considerations when choosing the right model. Since one can choose from a variety of sizes and in different price ranges. One should consider the requirement carefully. Picking the right size is important. If the room is small it is better to go in for a smaller model. How much noise the machine makes should also be considered. However, it all comes down to the budget of the customer.


The Honeywell Quietcare humidifiers are quite reasonably priced. One can purchase it for around $50-60. With a low price, these are one of the most practical humidifiers to add to your home. They provide the benefits of a humidifier with a good price.


It can be bought online at Alternatively, one can check out the shops that stock humidifiers. Today, most retailers of humidifiers keep Honeywell products because of their popularity. Hence, it is easily available in the market.