Shopping for your Body Shape

Body Shape Pear

Looking and feeling your best involves shopping for the right type of clothing and accessories that enhance your body shape and show off your great features while minimizing your less desirable features.

Use a tape measure to measure your hips, waistline, bust and thighs to determine your current body shape and then shop for the appropriate clothing that enhances your figure.

The Main Body Shapes

The main body shapes are pear, apple, banana and hourglass. Some describe these shapes as upside down triangle, triangle or oval, rectangle and hourglass. If you see these descriptions as well, you'll understand what is meant.

Pear Shaped Body

Body Shape Pear

This body type has hips larger than the bust with the bulk of the weight on the buttocks, thighs and waistline. The pear shaped body usually has smaller breasts.

For the best appearance, the pear shaped body shopper will want to focus on the upper body, face and neck.

Pear shaped people want to focus on jewelry, colors and makeup as ways to draw attention from the middle and lower body.

Pear shaped body owners can effectively wear medium low necklines, straight line skirts or slightly flared skirts to minimize the hips.

Choose a medium to high heel to elongate the body if pear shaped.

Accessorize all outfits with jewelry in big, bold earrings and necklaces as well as wear the correct colors for your skin tone for the best look.

Apple Shaped Body

Body Shape Apple

The apple shaped body is the second best body shape for fashion and accessories.

This shape features larger shoulders than hips with slim legs and thighs.

The weight for the apple shape is centered at the abdomen, chest and face with a more masculine and strong appearance.

For the best appearance in fashion, the apple shape should focus on the upper body and face.

Choose semi-fitted clothing and straight or slightly flared skirts as well as waistlines that have more movement to them.

Apple shaped bodies wear a low neckline well.

Wear the correct colors for your skin tone and accessorize with jewelry that draws the attention to the neck and face such as large earrings, necklaces or scarves.

Banana Shaped Body

Body Shape Banana

The banana shape is mostly straight through the upper and lower torsos.

Emphasis is best shown with semi-fitted clothing as this body shape is more masculine.

Banana body types focus on enhancing the hips and breasts.

Slim skirts and dresses look best on banana shapes as well as wrap type dresses.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Body Shape Hourglass

The hourglass body is considered the perfect body since the hips and breasts are the same measurements.

Hourglass bodies can typically wear all clothing types well but look best in straight skirts or slim skirts and only lightly flared skirts.

Draw the eye towards the face, shoulders and upper body with low necklines, jewelry and accessories.

Wearing the correct colors for your skin tone can always help to make you look your best with hourglass shaped bodies.

The hourglass shape can accentuate the waistline and easily wears fitted clothing and accessories such as belts and scarves well.

In a study of men and women and body shapes, 46% are banana shape bodies, 20% are pear shape bodies, 14% are apple shaped and 8 % are hourglass body shape.

Diet and exercise are the two main components of changing your body shape and it can be done with focus, determination and movements that assist in sculpting your body.

Finding your correct body measurements and shopping for your body shape will assist you in your purchases and you can verify this information when trying on new clothing. By knowing the body shapes of your friends and family will also help you with your gift giving to buy appropriate styles that look the best. Happy Shopping!