You may be day dreaming of being able to cross country tour on your bicycle but unfortunately you have a lot of commitments. You have to go to work. If there is no way you can take more than a few days off this summer then you may want to take a mini bicycle touring vacation.

All of these destinations give you the ability to ride from Twin Falls and spend 2-3 days out and then return.

Ride out to Sligers. You can camp at Sligers and nothing will be more relaxing when you arrive then swimming in the River or soaking in the hot tubs.


Ride out to Nat-Soo-Pah. You can either meet your wife out there who can lug your supplies in her car or you can go fully loaded and carry your own gear. As long as you stay off of US-93 you will have fun. Take the back way and take your time. You can easily Trek the 20 miles or so into Nat-Soo-Pah and set up camp.


If you are for a higher mileage trip that is still near home then you cycle tour from Twin Falls to Burley. If you stay on the frontage road you can get some higher mileage days in. If you are using your mini bicycle tour to help prepare and train for a cross country bike tour then the Burley route will help you out a lot.

If you have never toured by bicycle then the trip from Twin Falls to Burley will help you to feel more confident as cars pass by you on the frontage road. You will be in rural areas but at the same time if there is an emergency you can easily get some help if needed.

There are some cheap motels in Burley if you do not want to camp outside.

Map It
If you want to go on a mini bicycle tour then feel free to ride where you want. Pull out a map and make your plans. When you ride a mini bicycle tour you will then learn more about your skill level, conditioning, and what items you may want to bring with you when you finally are able to ride the Trans-America bike trail from coast to coast.