Model Train Set

People of all ages enjoy toy trains. These have been around ever since trains began. They can provide hours of joy and everyone loves to set up toy train sets for the holidays. There are those who actually collect model trains as a hobby.

The early models of toy trains were made from wood for children. With the manufacturing revolution in the early 1900's, we began to see model trains made from metal. This is often referred to tin plate models of trains. The process has evolved to include trains made from plastic and those that are massed produced. These make great toys and the original styles are collector's items and found in museums.

The scale models of toy trains will resemble actual trains down to the tiniest detail. They are categorized by their size, often known as scale and gauge. The scale is the ratio that the model is of an actual rail car. A scale of 1 / 22 represents its related size. The gauge is the amount of space in between the rails of the track. Some typical gauges or scales are the HO, O and G styles. Today, these are controlled by electric or battery operated transformers. The trains have lights and working smoke stacks. They are not only toys, but many people have made this their hobby. You can find many clubs and groups that will collect, display and maintain model trains. You can even purchase special sets that are based on books, TV, and movies.

Several well-known companies make toy trains. One of the first companies to make model trains is Lionel. Lionel train sets can be purchased in many gauges. They have sets that are wonderful for children and those cars for the train collector. You can also find many accessories to add to your display. With over 100 years of production, many find that they need a Lionel Train Set Buyers Guide to help decide which one to purchase.

The MTH Company also makes model and toy trains. They specialize in the larger gauge styles such as the O series. You can find many easy to operate sets. The company is also a leader in sound and movement technology for its trains. At times, their prices are a bit more affordable. You can also buy trolley cars and subway sets for extra fun.

Another leading company for model trains is LGB. They were originally a European train maker. Their 1 / 22 LGB model train sets are very popular. They have sets that are designed with the Disney theme, the Peanuts cartoon, as well as many American and European styled models.

The Bachmann model train sets use a Digital Command Control or an electric control system for operation of their trains. They make sets based on the Union Pacific Railroad as well as others. You can purchase sets or one car a time.

Toy trains are great for any age group. You can buy complete ready to go sets or the collector can add those special rail cars. There are many accessories you can get for your train set. The trains will certainly provide everyone hours of enjoyment.