Going short is the hottest trend in the world of hair. Less hair, less hassle, is the muscle behind this new push for simpler, no fuss tresses. It's time for a fresh look, and I like the freedom and surprise versatility short styles provide. I used to be under the impression that a drastic hair makeover was like sentencing me to one last look, but the options I found at the stylist were literally limitless. The salon explained to me that the key to a great haircut is knowing your face shape.

Short Hair Styles For Women in 2013

Bobs with flipped out ends on square faces

The five basic face shapes are: round, square, oval, heart, or triangle shaped.

Once I got a handle on the face shapes, I looked through tons of books to find the styles I liked. I narrowed it down to the top six styles( the pixie cut, the bob, the mohawk, the shag, curly, and asymmetrical), then compared them to my face shape to see which one complimented my features the most.

I was wishing I had an oval shaped face. I could literally look good at any length, and with any style. But I'm not that lucky.

For a more square face an edgy, spiky style fits best. Short layers around the face, or inverted curves that flip out soften the hardness of a square jawline. However, I noticed even if I got a bob it would have to be layered because blunt cuts also emphasize the square chin. Now, if I was a sweetheart-face, I wanted long layers on top, and wispy bangs. It projects femininity and maturity without adding years to your face.

Triangle face people should stick to the classic blunt-cut chin length bob with bangs that sweep the eyebrows. It will cover the forehead and frame the face without crowding the chin. The perfect hair design for my round face was the pixie cut. Styles that have some volume at the crown, and taper down around the ears look cute when they're freshly cut, and as they grow out. It works with different hair types and textures.There's no "in-between" time when a pixie looks unruly or unkept.

10 Short Hair Styles

How do i add layers to my short hair at my crown and short haircuts for short spikey hair

No matter what your face shape is, or which style you have, there are styling options you can try, to give your short hairstyle some versatility.

The simplest suggestion is to add a part down the middle, off-center, or on the side. This can easily take it from day to night. I use styling gel, pomade, or straightening mouse to lay my hair down for a sleek, polished look; or if I'm attending a formal event.By applying curling mousse the volume can be controlled by scrunching the hair away from the face for a tousled look. I also like edgier styles. Set the longest hair on big rollers for volume, lay the back down with gel, then once the rollers are removed tease the hair for a high-end mohawk.

Color is another way to diversify any hair portfolio. Adding temporary color is the solution to long term damage control, and it leaves you with the options of being able to switch colors later on. Sweep long bangs back with barrettes or clips, away from the face or pin it all up.

The bob gives offers lots of style options. Curl and pin one side up, while letting the rest  elegantly hang down and brush the shoulder. I also tried using the smallest curling iron to curl the shortest layers under to create a "stacked" effect, and flat iron the longest layer to balance all the volume. My natural styles are the easiest. I wet and mouse the hair for a textured, curly look. A simple, classic accessory like a headband adds a personal touch and opens up the whole face.

For the most modern and edgy styles, I always look to nature for inspiration. Birds and flowers offer all the shapes, lines, and color schemes I could imagine. These fantasy styles can be achieved with added hair pieces, if I don't want to color my hair, or if I need extra volume or body.

Best Hairstyle for Short Hair

How to lay down short hair cuts and pixie square face

During all this hair experimentation I noticed a few other factors that would determine my style.

Humidity can ruin the best looks by pumping them up with too much volume, while drying them out at the same time. Use products that combat humidity and dryness, while holding the style. Short hair styles are fun and flirty.

My time and effort is well worth the long term benefits of well-kept, healthy hair. I have to be healthy from the inside out to maintain shine, strength, and desired length. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy will keep every head of hair looking good. Finding conditioners, sculpting products, and styling tools to maintain the style while growing it out can be tedious, but it's worth it when a style looks as good when you go back into the shop, as it did when you walked out.