It appears that the trend towards short hairstyles will continue into 2012.  For 2011 many celebrities sported shorter air in movies and their personal appearances.  The trend towards less hair seems to be catching on as more celebrities go for the shorn look and fashion experts see the trend carrying over to all lifestyles.  Following fashion trends and being part of the in crowd may require losing the long luxurious tresses in 2012 as more celebrities are going public with shorter hair.

It not only famous female actresses either, many males who once sported flowing tresses are getting new styles.  Ear lobes are the in thing in Hollywood and major cities around the globe.  Hair styles that covered the ears and flowed onto shoulders is being trimmed, cut and clipped at a rapid rate.  As the length of hair decreases facial features become more evident and are accentuated.

Emma Watson short hairstyles

Film star Emma Watson has the perfect features for a shorter haircut.  Her round face and petite features can be perfectly framed with shorter hair.  Many stylists say that a round face looks best with shorter hair.  A shorter style will also look best on a round face.  The facial features are enhanced by less hair.  Ms. Watson’s hair style includes longer bangs that are swept to the side.  This style has been called pixie-ish but is truly correct for Emma Watson’s features.

Emma Watson Short hairstyles

Halle Berry Short haircut

Movie star and model Halle Berry shows a new chunky styled and texturized hair style in recent photos and public appearances.  This style requires texturizing and longer layers at the top.  The top of the head is layered and styled with chunky wisps of hair that are created with styling gels.  The textures create wisps of hair that stand out and accentuate other features.  The sides are cut shorter reveal Halle’s classic neck and ears.  This style is glamorous and best used on faces that are slightly elongated with classic features.

halle berry short hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson short hairstyles

Proving that shorter hair looks best on persons with round faces and petite features Ashlee Simpson’s short hairstyle for 2012 features  slightly squared sides and classic bangs that are swept to the side.  Once again the facial features are enhanced by the bangs that draw attention to the smallish face underneath.  Styles that mimic Ashlee’s require beauticians to leave some squared off features.  By squaring off the ends the appearance of a bowl cut is avoided.  Short hair is only stylish when it appears natural, rounded edges and perfect positioning are not as appealing.

Evan Rachel Wood short styles for hair

One of the most dramatic looks for 2012 is the hairstyle worn by Evan Rachel Wood.  The closely shorn sides accentuate the classic strong jawline and cheekbones of this actress.  The longer and styled top draws attention to the hair and shortness of the sides.  A hairstyle of this type is best used on a person with strong facial features that are highlighted by a lack of hair on the sides.  Revealing the whole ear with light feathered features along the front edge truly provides a dramatic style.  The lack of bangs and an upswept style to the front of the head reveals the classic facial features.

Get Punk hairstyles for 2013

Some celebrities are going to the punk styles for 2013.  These require shorter, shaved sides and necks that bring together layers of hair above the ears. The areas nearest the ears and along the nape of the neck are shaved with small wisps of hair remaining.  This hair style is worn by Ginnifer Goodwin and is thought to be a rocker look, dating back to the styles worn by female rock stars of the late twentieth century.  The spiked top provides a focal point above the face.  Care should be taken not to have the lower areas shaved too close as this may become more in the style of a boy’s haircut instead of a woman’s style.  Hair stylists who attempt to create tis look need to take care and paly to the facial features for best results.

Some classic styling cues also make their way into shorter woman’s styles for 2012.  A full part in the hair, which is absent in the previous styles, will allow classic styling cues to mix with the new shorter cuts.  Model Britt Maren revealed this style of cut recently.  The classic side swept part to her hair brings the ends slightly over the ears with wispy cuts and lightly fluffed curls.  This hairstyle is slightly longer than the punk and rocker styles many women are wearing today.  The more classic lines, accentuated by a neat part line combine a more classic look with the contemporary short styles that have become the rage for 2012 and 2013.  Other classic looks can be adapted to shorter hairstyles and bring out the special features of a person’s face and neck.

Short Hairstyles for men 2013

The bowl cut, made famous by some British rocker chicks of the 60s is still in vogue and very stylish when done correctly.  Japanese film star Tao Okamoto has been seen with a bowl cut that enhances her smallish features and classic oriental face.  This style calls for squared off bangs that hang over the forehead, squared off cuts near the nape of the neck and rounded sides that cover the tops of the ear.  
Not to be outdone, male stars such as Super Quarterback Tom Brady have gone to shorter hair styles for 2013.  The long manes that used to hang out of his helmet have been shorn to more modest lengths recently.  The shorter style appears to be more manly and masculine.  Brady’s shorter hair style reveals his classic form and draws attention to his strong facial features rather than his hair.  
The Celebrity short hairstyles 2013 are the trend.  Stylists around the globe are ready to recreate these looks on everyone, accentuating features that make each person unique.