Short oration about life - is there such thing? When coming about life - there are so much things to consider. So I discover a way to do this by dividing a little this "Short Oration about Life" article in more pieces so that if you're more interested in a certain area - than you can go directly there and read more about it.

Short Oration about Life, Time and Money - "Time is Money" - Really?

"Time is money" is a very limited point of view in my opinion. So I want to warn you about this. Time is far more than money for all of us. And exactly this issue will be addressed here. Think this way: One could gain an almost unlimited amount of money during a lifetime but the time of a lifetime is at maximum a number beginning with 1 and no more than 3 digits. Am I right?

Examine your precise duration of lifetime. Let's go a quick exercise to see how precisely finite it is. I will ask you to write down a number on a piece of paper or just imagine that you do it if you have not a pen and a paper nearby. Now please write the answer to this question: How many years will you live? (till what age?) It is important to really do this because of the power of this exercise. That is all you have to do - write the first number that occurs in your mind.

Short Oration about Life - Ready?

Did you write a number? Now that is interesting. So you know how many years you will be alive? Yes indeed! On our unconscious level we know that precisely.

Truth is that as we grow up in a given family, environment, surroundings we develop some strong beliefs about many aspects of our lives. Those beliefs depend upon several factors and more importantly these will rule over from the shadow of all aspects of our lives inclusive of its duration. It is very important for each of us to acknowledge all our internal beliefs and to scatter them from time to time in order to keep them propelling towards our goals. So how about your life duration? Will it be that much? If you are pleased with it, so be it. But what if you write another number there, let's say that you add 10 years to your number. That's it! You just gain another 10 years to your life.

Anyway this is it. You could go even to double your number but could not go beyond a certain reasonable number because of obvious reasons. As I write it is a number beginning with 1 and no more than 3 digits. That's it with your time even if it will be now significantly longer than when you started reading this article. Let's take an example here and say it is 101 years you want to live. Now compare this number with the amount of money that you could earn.

Short Oration about Life - The time

What is my point here? My point is that you have to be very careful with your time. It is one of the most important resources you have and when use with great attention could bring you many benefits. In the following paragraph I will give you some hints about what you could do in order to maximise your time. The key in this is to begin from your thoughts and words that you use when thinking, talking about time. Did you SPEND your time or did you INVEST your time?

Short Oration about Life - Raising children

  • Do you have children? INVEST your time in teaching them how to keep order and clean rather than SPENDING your time making the cleaning & ordering.

Short Oration about Life - Work for passive income

  • Do you work in exchange of money per hour? Think to change this so that you exchange the same work for several checks not just for one time fee. (Think creatively about leveraging your revenues and think about INVESTING your work time in some appropriate projects.)

Short Oration about Life - RE-PURPOSE, RE-USE, RE-CYCLE your content

  • So you write articles on IB or on other sharing revenue website? Why not cover in very depth a topic with at least 7 different long articles and then turn them into a report - that you could give away at your blog - for those who subscribed to your newsletter? You do not have a blog? Make one - it is free, it is funny, it will only help your online carier. You do not have content for a newsletter? Then send them the titles of your new articles - every time you publish one - preferable related to your blog topic!

Short Oration about Life - 7 habits that will really change your life

  • Do you run daily for 30 minutes? That's cool! Way to go! And how about listening to some useful information in the same time? Or some inspirational songs?

Short Oration about Life - learn a new language while driving

  • Do you spend 30 min to 1h or even 2h driving car every day? Why not INVEST this time in yourself learning a new language through an mp3 course or whatever else could be useful and interesting for you.

Short Oration about Life - TV addicted?

  • Do you spend more time in watching tv shows? Why not do something that will enhance your skills instead? Or at least do meanwhile your treadmill exercises.

Short Oration about Life - Online Time Management Games

  • Do you frequently play online games? How about learning new things that will boost your self confidence - maybe through some well chosen online games - there are countless choices! Is your money management poor - learn and exercise to improve it through games. Are you very well trained in online games - INVEST your time spend with games by sharing your knowledge through a blog and monetise your hobby!

Short Oration about Life - How to become a humorous person

  • Do you love to have long talk with friends and forget completely about time? Why not to invest that time in your well being by learning to have a lot of fun meanwhile and also chose carefully the topics - to be positive, supportive and constructive ones. The desired output is to enhance your and your companion/companions energy level and not to diminished it through your long conversations.

Short Oration about Life - Visualization (use it as often as you can!)

  • Catch in a row without your iPhone, your Kindle or your preferate book at you - use all that time to visulise the acomplishment of your main or dearest goal - live the victory moments for real.

Learn to change your paradigm and see all your doing in the "investing" light - the time first of all, then the money and then all your work and activities.

As a closing remark for this "Short Oration about Life" article I would say that time is much more than money and that the "Time is money" affirmation is misleading somehow. I would pay more attention on my time than on my money and rather than learn how to invest the money I would start by learning how to better invest my time. What about you?

I wonder if you will take a piece of paper and a pen or if you do it on your computer and write down in a list what a day of yours look like in terms of time dedicated to the different activities of the day. After you finish this I wonder if you could write for each of this activities at least one way that that particular time could become an INVESTED time rather than a SPENT time. Or maybe you have some sort of activities for which you do not find a way of turning them into invested time. Let me and others know about that in the comments section and maybe we will come up with some useful suggestions. Also it will be great if you use the comments sections to do this because I will consider to include your case/example in a new article of the "Short Oration about Life, Time and Money" series.