If you are looking to add the perfect go to outfit for an evening out to your closet, you need to check out these short silver cocktail dresses. Many women believe the little black dress is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe. While this is true, the more fashionable know that silver is just as timeless.


A silver cocktail dress can be the perfect look for date night, the prom, or even to a wedding. There are so many uses for this versatile piece of clothing that you will wonder how you did without it hanging in your closet.

Short Silver Cocktail Dress
Credit: Amazon

Tips for Accessorizing

While you could do a matching silver shoes and bag and look fabulous when you step out. Why not take your look up a notch or two. Adding a punch of color is a great way to change the feel of this go to outfit.


When you are adding color in your accessories, it is much easier to follow the trends of the season. A pink shade for spring is right on while you might go with a warm red through fall and winter. The options are endless when you are starting with this perfect piece for your look. So let’s get to picking out the perfect short silver cocktail dress for you.

V Neck Short Silver Dress

The sequined silver cocktail dress available above is really a show stopper. Many think of silver of being glitzy and full of glam and this outfit delivers on that.


The dress is made of chiffon and is a great flattering cut. The V neck is a classic look that is beautifully updated with the sequins. This dress is available in sizes 4 to 16 making it the perfect fit for many.


With this dress, you are going to want to go without much in the way of jewelry. The outfit shines on its own and does not need any more shine. Pair this with a pair of black stilettos and an evening bag in black for a basic yet elegant look.


Short Cocktail Party Designer Prom Dress #681 (4, Silver)
Amazon Price: $199.99 $69.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 31, 2014)

Short Cocktail Dress

This silver ensemble is as unique as you are. The gathering of the fabric gives you the illusion of a very structured and geometric piece. This also helps to hug your curves in the right places to create balance and draw the eye to where it should be.


The V neck with the floral accent adds interest without showing too much cleavage. This makes it’s an ideal choice for any occasion. The tiered skirt gives the whole look more movement.


This short silver cocktail dress is also available in black, ivory, magenta, red, royal blue, white, eggplant, champagne, and teal. One thing to note is that the sizing on this design run smaller then what you would purchase at the store off the rack. So make sure to check the vendor’s size chart when you are ordering.

Tony Bowls Short Spring 2013 TS11389
Amazon Price: $338.00 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 31, 2014)

Tony Bowls 2013 Dress

What could be better then a new spring 2013 cocktail dress? One from Tony Bowls collection. This strapless number is going to turn heads. The sequins on the bottom of the dress give it the wow factor that you want when you are heading out on the town.


The animal print on the top emphasizes the beautiful neckline. This dress is definitely not for the faint of heart. This particular design can also be ordered in a light green.


It is time to stop thinking about the perfect black outfit as your go to look great clothes. It is time to bring the always in style and yet very fashionable metal look into your wardrobe. Adding a short silver cocktail dress to your wardrobe is going to give you a versatility that you will make your friends green with envy. So make sure to order your favorite style today!