When you plan your skiing vacation carefully, you will get most enjoyment from the trip. Consider all these important details before booking the holiday, so that you can relax and enjoy it later. Let's start with timing of the short ski breaks.

Mid-week or weekend ski break?

Skiing Vacation - Winter Fun On The SlopeCredit: By Philippe Rameau at fr.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of weekend and mid-week short ski breaks? Weekend skiing trip is simple to arrange, as you can find plenty of the offers. However, you can expect a lot of skiers and more expensive tickets. During mid-week, prices are lower and slopes less crowded - unless it's a holiday time.

Cheap room or luxury resort for skiing vacation?

How much can you spend on your short ski break? For a cheap ski weekend choose lodging with basic facilities, some of them away - perhaps in the city. Self-catered ski lodge or renting a room in the private house helps to save money and is fun.

Do you prefer accommodation in the luxury ski resort? Look for the catered place offering complete ski packages and "all-inclusive" deals. Expensive, but you get what you pay for here!

Meals: catering, self-catered or eating out?

You'll get hungry quickly when skiing on the slopes. Therefore, plan now how to get your meals during the short ski break.

  • To save some money you can cook yourself - if you have the strength for it after a whole day of skiing!
  • Choose catered meals if you wish to keep it convenient and avoid planning every meal.
  • Have breakfast in your hotel, but consider eating out for dinner. Why? This way you can eat when you wish. Sample the local dishes - especially when you spend the skiing vacation in the country like France or Switzerland, with the fancy local cuisine.

How to plan group skiing holiday?

There's more to consider when you plan skiing vacation for a group of friends. Will you stay in a hotel or rent the ski chalet together? You can stay in the separate rooms or occupy one large bedroom together.

Find a skiing area where you can buy discount group ticket or group ski packages. Try to negotiate the deal when booking the trip - perhaps you can find a bargain.

Make sure the chosen place has some entertainment facilities your friends would enjoy visiting. Will your group lurk in the pub, play snooker in the evenings or splash in the swimming pool after the busy day of the winter fun?

Family ski holidays - what to plan?

Select the site offering the family ski ticket with kids getting discount or free access to skiing facilities. Make sure that skiing areas have some slopes with easy tracks for the kids. Little ones learn faster if they get ski lessons with a coach in a group of peers, while you are enjoying challenging tracks.

What else to plan for short ski trip?

  • Do you have a skiing gear? Make sure it's in a good shape. If you have to rent it, find out where to do that.
  • Are you a snowboard geek? For your winter holiday select an area with snowboard trick facilities.
  • How advanced are your skiing skills? Be honest and choose the slopes with ski tracks suitable for your skills. Try to choose the area with tracks of varied difficulty levels.
  • Do you enjoy other sports activities as well? See that there's a gym, pool, sauna or other facilities available for you after the busy day of skiing.

Expect your short ski breaks to offer the wonderful experiences, when you plan your skiing vacation carefully. Consider the money available to you and choose the hotel, meals, ski slopes and other facilities according to your preferences.

When you feel adventurous or have limited funds, try to get the last-minute ski deal. While you have less choice then, you can find a cheap ski weekend with a quality package.