Do you need car insurance for 1 day only? Short term car insurance companies do exist and they are not as uncommon as you might think. For many people looking for one day car insurance the task is hard because they don't have an established relationship with a car insurance company but fortunately enough for them most people have some kind of insurance and car insurance is typically one of the options that company offers.

You don't have to go with a typical car insurance company to get one day car insurance; many people would be surprised that most companies have some sort of coverage for these types of situations. All you have to do is call and ask.

The best course of action is to give your current insurer a call and ask him or her if they have any car insurance for 1 day options available. If they don't then you can start calling around but sticking with your own insurer if possible will make the process a lot faster and a little simpler to put together.

You may have no car insurance because you don't have a car or you may have no insurance because you are in between auto policies. No matter what the reason is there are short term auto insurers out there ready to lend a hand. For those non drivers who periodically get a rental car then often times the rental company has one or a few options available as a potential insurer for your one day needs.

If your insurance company doesn't offer one day coverage plans and you are not planning to rent a car and take their insurance then you may need to start doing some standard insurance comparison shopping. The most traditional way to do this is to go to your phone book and start calling each insurance company, especially the auto insurance companies, and inquiring about their offerings for one day car insurance. Many will have options available to you so you will have to start a list to take down the car insurance quotes for comparison at a later time.

Make sure you call each car insurer and get specific quote for your one day car insurance needs. Make sure they know all the details about your driving record and all your stats and demographic information so that they can give you're an accurate quote. Remember that some auto insurers will use different types of insurance as loss leaders to draw in customers on price and then make up the difference on other customers who aren't getting such a great deal. If you call enough insurers you are going to find an outlier who offers exceptional one day car insurance for the best prices around.

Also keep in mind that certain companies are cheaper for different genders. One company may offer cheap car insurance for female drivers while another may offer cheap car insurance for young drivers. It's all relative and you can't find the best price for your demographic unless you call enough auto insurers.

Once you go through your entire phone book make sure to start searching online for auto insurance companies in your county and region and call them all. Chances are than one insurer will have the most inexpensive car insurance of them all and the difference will stick out like a sore thumb.

Look for all the right details as you are getting your short term auto coverage. Look for deductible amounts and collision and comprehensive coverage and make sure to get quotes for these types of coverage in the right amounts. If you plan on driving a parked car with the DMV you should make sure to get the registration activated and then make sure your coverage amounts are high enough to replace the car if anything happens.

Above all make sure to not skimp on liability coverage. Especially since you don't have car insurance this often times means that you haven't been driving much or haven't driven in a long time. This may increase your odds of having an accident so this type of coverage is very important. Any reputable car insurance company should be able to give you an accurate quote for one day car insurance coverage you just have to go through the process of getting the quotes which can be more work than most people want to take on.

In fact because your coverage will only be for one day it may make sense to pay just about anything for the car insurance because the time consumed to save a few bucks in premiums for the only day you'll need the coverage may be a bit much. If this is the case it may be fine to simply take the first offer on the table, but the rule of thumb is that if you have the time to call around and get true car insurance quotes you should take the time to do so.

Some reputable car insurance companies that deal with one day coverage or other short term increments are and but it may be in your best interest to call your insurance company first as they may have an in house option for one day auto coverage or they may be able to direct you to an affiliated company that may offer you a discount of car insurance for one day.

When getting all your auto insurance quotes make sure to ask about all conceivable and applicable discounts such as corporate discounts, student discounts, age or gender based discounts and just about anything else you can think of. Taking the discounts into consideration may cause one insurer who seemingly charges more to end up being your most affordable option

Of course you won't want to skimp on coverage just because you are only buying car insurance for 1 day but over all you don't want to get gauged either. Take your time and find the right price. It will be worth the effort you put in getting all those car insurance quotes.