Las Vegas at Night

Many first time visitors to Las Vegas are often just passing by. If you only get the chance to spend an hour or so in this city, then you are truly missing out. The main city of Nevada is a fun city to visit, but if you only have enough time to fuel up and get a bite to eat then you need to arrange your schedule so you can see the important nighttime and daytime sites.

Las Vegas is a gorgeous city, depending on your tastes. The town, in my opinion, is not near as beautiful as it once was since they tore down many of the historical landmark casinos such as the Desert Inn. At nighttime, the town is a sight to behold, especially if you have never see the neon glitz of the city lights.

When people are coming from the direction of Mesquite Nevada and heading towards the city, then they are awe struck when they come up over that hill and begin to see the fabulous lights of Vegas for the first time. The same trip during the daytime is not nearly as jaw gasping as it is at night.

If you are arriving from Barstow, the town is still awesome to look at, but not quite as cool as when you are coming in from the other direction. Either way, first time visitors to Vegas need to see this amazing town at nighttime, regardless of how little time they have.

Las Vegas VisitorLas Vegas is truly a worldwide destination. People fly in from all over the world to vacation, gamble, drunk, party, and mountain climb. It is kind of sad if you are visiting this area for the first time, and you only have enough time to fuel up. You need to at least catch a cheap buffet.

Las Vegas has changed a lot over the years, yet one thing will never change and that is the appeal the lively city has on so many people. The appeal of Vegas does not depend upon ones' ethnicity, sex, interests, or even age. The appeal of the way of life here is widespread, and a lot of people hold some fondness for Vegas in their heart. Many people hold a soft spot for this city even though they have not yet had a chance to visit Las Vegas.

It is common to hear the vocal minority gripe about the city of Vegas and how the town is trashy, filled with homeless people, dangerous, and just a place to get your money sucked away. Often times this vocal minority have never actually been to the city, and when they do happen to go there for the first time, and when they spend a few days, then they begin to see Vegas in an entirely different way.

Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit. You do not need to gamble, it is a lot of fun just to walk around parts of the strip or the downtown area with the Fremont Light Show. Regardless of what activities you do in this city, then you need much more than an hour or two to truly enjoy this great and fun city. If you are limited on time, and can only pass by, try to do it at night so you can see the wonderful city all lit up by the neon lights .Image Credits: (Flickr/jamesrdoe)(Flickr/PrincessAshley)