American researchers have recently made an alarming discovery regarding closely spaced pregnancy and complications with newborns. The study was conducted in California, and it involved large number of families in which the second born children where affected by autism.
What they discovered is that mothers who got pregnant with the second child in a short time frame after the birth of the first child had increased possibility of complications, more specifically increased chances of autism. The results showed that woman who got pregnant within a year after the previous birth are three times more likely to have a child affected with autism. Another possible side effect involves a child being born before the birth date or the weight of the child to be low.

Reason for this is because woman body needs time to recuperate from pregnancy, so if the next pregnancy is forced, the child can be seriously deprived of important nutrients which are necessary for development. Mothers are deprived, among other things, of folic acid, iron, and polyunsaturated fatty acids and so on. Of course another thing that should be taken into consideration is the stress which the mother will most likely to undergo through with the previous child.

Another study from New York discovered similar results, only there it is also mentioned that even babies who are conceived in the second year of the previous pregnancy have an increased chances of autism, they are two times more like likely to develop autism, and the risk in the third year of the previous pregnancy drops down to 1.2.

Doctors though are reassuring mothers and telling them not to panic, because the absolute risk of autism in these studies is very small, even when the time span between pregnancies is smaller than a year. But normally it is recommended that you should try to postpone your next pregnancy for as long as you can, 2-3 years would be most beneficial for your child. If for some specific reason you cannot wait the recommended amount of time, it is possible for you to supplement the depleted nutrients by taking supplements before pregnancy or eating food which is rich with before mentioned substances. In such a case it is highly recommended that you consult with a nutritionist and a OBGYN to inform yourself about what you are allowed to consume during pregnancy, because you might use something that can harm your child.