So what is the proper way to lose weight?

When looking to achieve success in any area of life I try to take the approach of finding someone who is successful at it already and mimic them. There is no sense in banging your head against the wall for years trying to re-invent the wheel. Now in the case of weight loss you do not want to take the success of just one person and emulate it, because although the human body is generally the same across the board there can be many differences that will change your approach compared to someone else's. Your age, body type, natural muscle development can all slightly change the way you tailor your weight loss program.

So after studying the approach of many different bodybuilders and people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off, these are some of the things that they have in common.

Eat 6 small meals a day

If you see a person who is in really good shape or a bodybuilder ask them what kind of diet they have? Unless they are one of those freaks of nature that can eat fries all day, not exercise and not gain a pound, then they will probably tell you that they eat 5 to 7 small meals a day. So 5 to 7 small meals of what? You want every meal to have a good quality protein and complex carbohydrate. For protein eat things like chicken breast, tuna , lean beef or fat free or low fat cottage cheese, and for carbohydrates lots of fruit and vegetables and a lot less bread and potatoes.

Start a resistance training routine

Many people tend to think that only body builders lift weight and that if they start lifting they will become big and bulky. This is completely untrue, gaining muscle is very hard to do and you must be patient to see the results. If it was easy to get big muscles alot more people would look like Hugh Jackman. 15 years ago everyone was obsessed with cardio and were convinced that it was the best way to lose weight. Anyone health professional or fitness trainer worth their salt will tell you that resistance training and cardio are essential for long term and sustainable weight loss. Go to your local gym and find someone who you would like to look like. Tell them that they look great (everybody likes to hear that) and then ask if they would be so kind to tell you what kind of weight training program you should start to look like them.

Start a cardio routine

Walk, run, swim, play tennis, there are a million ways to get cardiovascular exercise. Pick one you like to do and you will be much more prone to stick with it.

Forget the gimmicks and miracle pills. The quicker you determine that there are no real shortcuts and that success takes hard work, the quicker you will lose weight.