Shorts For Women With Big Thighs:  Are They Fashionable?

The question of the day is about shorts.  Shorts for women with big thighs, to be specific.  Are they fashionable?  Now, we could take this question one of two ways.  The first way is - are we referring to the shorts?  Are the shorts themselves fashionable?  If they are, then you are in vogue, in style, in fashion.  You are hip, in, part of the crowd.  You belong with the fashionistas.  Join the club.  At least while wearing your fashionable new shorts!  And what is fashionable today?  Just look at the celebrity pages.  Google celebrities in shorts to see what they are wearing.  Make sure the photos aren't those of Liz Taylor from fifty years ago, when she wore shorts well and made eyes at Richard Burton. Her shorts may have been fashionable at the time, but now?  Probably still fashionable since they once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and if you can get the exact same pair - what size were her thighs, anyway?  Which leads us sort of back to this initial question where we ask are we referring to the shorts as being fashionable?  If they are, and you have big thighs at least you'll be known as the woman with big thighs who wears fashionable shorts.  And isn't that better than being known just as the woman with big thighs?

  On the other hand, we come to the second way we can take our initial question.  Shorts for women with big thighs - are they fashionable?  And I presume we are meaning is it fashionable for women with big thighs to wear shorts?  Why wouldn't it be?  Especially on a steamy, hot, muggy, humid day.  In the tropics.  You are a woman with big thighs.  You have a pair of new shorts.  Wear them.   Fashionable or not, it's hot and you want comfort.  Especially because you'll be jogging on the beach and if you wear anything longer than shorts you'll get heat stroke.  There is a third way this question could be taken which eliminates the shorts almost entirely and that is when questioning shorts for women with big thighs - are they fashionable? - we might be referring to the women themselves.  Are they fashionable?  Do they always dress in fashion?  Are they models for large sized women's clothing?  Do they keep the clothes they model?  If so, they are women with large thighs who are fashionable, even in shorts.

It has to be said that not all women with big thighs look sexy in shorts and not all look awful either. The fashion crazed world has taken it upon itself to dictate what people should and wear and what they should stay away from. There is also the problem with those who are fashion hungry and will gladly follow any trend even if it means looking ridiculous.

If you feel confident enough about your body and you want to invest in stylish shorts for women with big thighs, color and length can play a big part in the way you will look. If you look for knee-length shorts that will not bunch up in the crotch area, you will be fine. They often don’t cost that much either and you can get them for as little as $25.