Shot glass wedding favors are unique ways to celebrate love and are a great keepsake for family and friends to remember your Special Day. Wedding favors have come a long way in the past few decades. Today's modern bride may opt for the stylish and bold choice of shot glass wedding favors because they are not only affordable, but can be coordinated easily to match the decor and theme of the wedding. Easy to choose, order and even personalize it is no wonder that more and more couples are using shot glass favors this wedding season.

Styles of Shot Glass Wedding Favors

One of the reasons that these favors are so useful is the wide range of styles and colors that can be purchased. There are silver shots and glass shots that can be purchased in clear or colored glass. When 'something blue' is needed, many couples turn to a nice blue shot glass to fill the requirement. From large square-based glasses capable of holding 3 ounces down to a small 1 ounce shot, it is easy to find something to fit a couple's style and budget. Whether choosing an upscale sterling shot glass or a clear, smoked, or colored glass variety it will be a great choice.

Using Shot Glass Wedding Favors

One of the best ways to make use of these favors is on the tables. Many couples use small votive candles and insert them into the glasses. This serves the dual purposes of providing a romantic light and still giving the guests a treat to take home as a reminder of this special day. A book of wedding favor matches placed next to the glass votive will be a nice touch, too. They can also be filled with candy or other small trinkets if candles are not used. Lace or bits of ribbon can be tied around them to add an accent of color or to dress them up a bit. Others opt for tall shooter style glasses and use them as bud vases. There are many creative ways to use these as cheap wedding favors.

Ordering Shot Glass Wedding Favors

There are many companies online and in most communities that are capable of filling large or small orders for these favors. The prices generally range from as cheap as fifty cents each up to several dollars apiece. A bride and groom can customize their shot glasses by adding text or graphics, which are then inked onto the glass. High-end silver shots may feature engraving or other decorative etching. Again, it can be as simple and inexpensive as the couple chooses. The ability to personalize makes them a great choice for those seeking a unique favor.

Weddings are joyous times, but also incredibly stressful. Couples are increasingly seeking easier and simpler design schemes and shot glass wedding favors are perfect choices. They can be ordered from the convenience of home through reliable retailers like Amazon and arrive in plenty of time for that big day. Your family and friends will look forward to toasting to the health of the new couple for years to come with their own personalized shot glass wedding favor. There are many cheap wedding favors: honey wedding favors, bird seed wedding favors, designer rice wedding favors, honey straws, and more. It is easy to mix and match several varieties and a shot glass fits in well with any budget.