Arguably the BEST Houston Tourist Attraction

Best Deal for Dollar Value, Stress Relief, and Having a Reason for Returning to Houston!

OK, I have to admit something from the start here.  Being a Houston suburban resident, I do not exactly spend time visiting the true tourist attractions in Houston.  Oh, I am a theater buff and absolutely adore productions at the Music Hall, Alley Theater, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, and Miller Outdoor Theater.  If visiting, check those out.  The typical tourist thing is either NASA, in Clear Lake south of Houston, or even a visit to a baseball or basketball game. That said, should the tourist find themself in Houston for a day or two, I have a new suggestion for a unique tourist attraction or should I say, tourist activity.

Three Important Travel Facts on Choosing the Best Houston Tourist Attraction

Before I spill the beans on what to do as a tourist here, consider these  three facts.  Traveling is expensive, no matter where one chooses to visit.  So, finding a bargain is always a great thing, right?  My new find is a fabulous bargain!  Next, traveling is fraught with stress at times with the airport security or long road trip to the destination.  My new find is a stress release!  And finally, my new find is one of those things about a trip that will find the traveler wanting to return to Houston just to have this experience.  What in the WORLD might one ask, is this new traveler attraction?Houston Baseball SceneCredit: Wikipedia

The  Best Tourist Attraction in Houston

Experience heaven in an hour at a foot massage spa in Houston.  Oh,  high-priced spas are ubiquitous to the city.  No, that is not the business type which I reference here.  West Houston has what is a "Little Chinatown" of sorts.  There, on just about every corner, one will find a foot massage studio.  Words are inadequate it seems to describe the value of these establishments.

The Price of that Best Tourist Attraction in Houston

Hold on to your seat.  The price for a one hour "foot massage" ranges from about twenty dollars an hour to a high of thirty-five well spent bucks.  One might ask why "foot massage" is in quotation marks? The best part though is THIS.  This is not just a foot massage.  Fully clothed, the lucky recipients of services at these establishments get a soothing scalp massage, arm and hand, leg, foot, shoulder, and back massage!  Yes, it is a fully clothed massage on a reclined couch-chair, complete with dimmed lights, soothing music, etc.! Oh, if the patron wants that typical table massage, they have those too.  Truly this is an unbelievable bargain!

My Favorite Locations for that Best Tourist Attraction in Houston

I have tried them all.  I mean for that price, why not?  Specials make my day at certain locations.  Some let you buy five massages and get the sixth free, bringing the price insanely low per session.  A quick search online for Chinese foot massage Houston will bring lots of options.  CaHouston SealCredit: Wikipediall around.  I have not had a bad "foot massage" at any of these establishments.  They are clean, legitimate businesses and guaranteed to be spots deserving of return visits when travels bring one to Houston.  I will say though, while searching, try a Fry Road location in that search for Chinese foot massage Katy.  A jewel sits there, a bit further out in West Houston off of Interstate 10, in Katy.  As I live in Katy, that one is a bit closer to me than the true Chinatown  establishments.

General Directions to the Best Tourist Attraction in Houston

This "Little Chinatown" that I reference is basically on  Bellaire and Hillcroft streets, right off of the Beltway 8, Sam Houston Tollway, in West Houston.  No appointment is really needed.  Driving down these streets on the East or West side of Beltway 8 yields many a relaxing opportunity.

The Trip Favorite, Bound to be This Best Tourist Attraction in Houston

While in Houston, go ahead and experience the fabulous theater, sports venues, and space travel venues.  You will be able to say you did the tourist thing. Before leaving though, try out a relaxing "foot massage" in Houston Chinatown.  The price is right.  The relaxation and stress release offered is phenomenal.  Something unique to relay about the trip as well as a determination to come back to Houston surely results!