The recent firing of Charlie Weiss comes as no surprise to anybody that follows Notre Dame or college football in general. From the start of His career coaching for Notre Dame he had an abysmal record. Many questions have popped up regarding Charlies Weiss and his coaching future. I will attempt to answer them with my own opinion.

Is Charlie Weiss really a bad coach?

Yes...and no. Many coaches have been great but these same coaches have had bad years coaching. Charlie Weiss is experienced but Notre Dame was not the right fit for him from the beginning. So the answer too that question is Charlie Weiss sucked at coaching Notre Dame because it was not the right fit for him.

Charlie Weiss hopefully can find a college program in which he can fit in and help the team excel. I hope Charlie Weiss does not go into the NFL as a head coach. That would be a bad fit for him. Even small schools with losing football teams would not want Charlie Weiss. If Charlie Weiss wanted to coach for a small school he would have to take a pay cut. After his piss poor performance coaching at Notre Dame Charlie Weiss deserves a pay cut. If I did my job as bad Charlie Weiss did at Notre Dame then I would have been fired a long time ago.

Charlie Weiss can be a great coach with the right college football program. I hope he finds it.

Will Charlie Weiss Get Another NFL Job?

Very possible. Charlie Weiss would do excellent in the NFL with the right team if he was an Offensive Coordinator...Or water boy. Charlie Weiss will not be offered a head coaching position anytime soon in the NFL. He may very well go back too the NFL but it will not be as ahead coach.

Did Notre Dame Make a Mistake In Firing Charlie Weiss Too Soon?

Seriously, Notre Dame should have never hired Charlie Weiss. After the first half of his first season with Charlie Weiss I would have banned him from the Notre Dame Campus. Charlie Weiss is not a bad guy but he NEVER molded with the Notre Dame program. Alumni of Notre Dame who are loyal to their alma mater quit donating money and publicly spoke out against Charlie Weiss. The Notre Dame alumni understand the historic implications of a losing Notre Dame Team. Charlie Weiss never did.

What Would Charlie Weiss's dream job be?

Weiss had stated that the Head Coaching Job at Notre Dame was his drewam job. Be careful what you wish for. Charlies was fired from his dream job because he could not hack it. That has got to be hard on him. Weiss is tore up in the head and needs to get a new job soon where he can finally see some positive results to help up his moral.

Charlie Weiss should have never been hired at Notre Dame. Notre Dame has always had the cream of the crop when it comes to choosing it's head coach. They call up their top coaching candidate and he says yes immediately. Historically it has always been like that.

Before they asked Charlie Weiss to be their head coach they made another phone call and that coach said "heck No, not a chance". Notre Dame was Stunned. They were slowly respect among college coaching professionals. Charlie Weiss has now destroyed the last fiber of Notre Dames respect among many college coaching professionals. Charlie Weiss has a long career ahead of him. Maybe as head coach of a college team but he will probably end up as an offensive coordinator in the NFL.