Gay marriages are a fairly recent occurrence. Many gay couples had long tern partners and shared their lives in much as the same way as a heterosexual, married couple would but they were not allowed a marriage ceremony. The change in the law regarding gay marriages has meant that Lesbian and Homosexual couples have been able to have a civil ceremony to marry their partner. This ceremony at last enables a gay couple to make a formal commitment to each other and their friends and family to celebrate their partnership.

Of course, in the real world Gay marriages have opened a completely new assortment of problems.

Many people can only just tolerate a single sex relationship or partnership but a marriage?

Such marriages have struck the very heart of many religious individuals and Christians. Personally, although I can understand some of their arguments against single sex relationships I do not see them as a huge problem.

There are still ample straight people entering into relationships and having children. This means that the future of the world is secure as there will be future generations. Of course, many of these children are from unmarried parents. Perhaps even more are from various Fathers and a family unit with a single mother at its head.

I remind the reader of this, as it would seem that such straight relationships are more fraught with problems, which should worry the church. The family unit is important in the survival of civilised humankind. The world can support partial breakdowns of this unit but a total breakdown of families on mass would be disastrous.

The Bible was written many years ago. It was written many years after Christ and so already had lost some of it facts in being written years after the events. Times have changed and in some ways, the Church has had to adapt. If Christians had kept the same stance from two thousand years ago, they would never have survived.

This does not mean that Christianity has to surrender all of its beliefs in order to stay modern. It does however have to accept that the world today bears no relation to the world in Christ's day.

We have seen the introduction of a few female clergy and views on contraception changing over the years. When I was young, homosexuality was still illegal in the UK. Of course, it was OK to be a lesbian as the law did not recognize that such a female could exist.

We are more educated and enlightened these days.

There was a time when members of the church were quite happy for people to be tortured and more in the name of God the Father. In the days of Torquemada, many innocent souls were tortured to death.

At one time in the UK, even a child who was a criminal faced short shrift. Simply for stealing a small loaf of bread the child could be transported to the other side of the world for the rest of their life.

At one time god-fearing people would happily watch a neighbour be burned at the stake, or drowned, as a witch.

Does that mean that we should be doing all of this today? No, of course it does not.

Christ preached about forgiveness and kindness, which makes me feel sure that he would have accepted human differences. After all, we are all made in God's image although we are all sinners, in one way or another.

The top and the bottom of it is that we are all simply human beings. Times change and what was condemned at one point may be tolerated or accepted at another point in time. A good Christian to my mind should be able to accept single sex marriages. At least the couple involved want to make a commitment to each other. Our time on this planet is all too brief and, every person should be allowed to be happy and share a loving relationship.