DC23 Vs DC26

The following article is a showcase comparison of the features and specifications between that of the Dyson DC23 Cylinder Vacuum and that of the Dyson DC26 Cylinder Vacuum -- highlighting both their differences to one another as well as their similarities. Which will then be followed by a concluding verdict as to firstly: which cylinder vacuum is the 'best overall' and then secondly: which canister vacuum offers the most value for its price tag -- to specific your preferences and needs.

Dyson DC23 Cylinder Vacuum Vs Dyson DC26 Cylinder Vacuum

Differences in the Cleaning Performance

DC23: Constant Suction Power -- 220 Air Watts

DC26: Constant Suction Power -- 160 Air Watts

As can be seen -- there is a clear difference (60 Air Watts)  in suction and cleaning performance from the two canister vacuums -- with the DC23 more than edging it.

Differences in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC23: Root Cyclone Technology & Core Separator

DC26: Concentrated Root Cyclone Technology

Both are fitted with the unique Root Cyclone technology (RCT) to prevent loss of suction for the user -- they are essentially the same in the respect that they are an enhanced form of the standard root cyclone technology to that of other standard Dyson vacuums cleaners (with the difference being rather minimal between the DC23 and DC26) in that they can pick up even finer dust and dirt particles than the normal RCT.

Differences in the Manoeuvrability

DC23: Canister Vacuum. Fixed Wheel. Weight -- 8.8kg.

DC26: Canister Vacuum. Fixed Wheel. Weight -- 5.5kg.

Both are fixed wheel and hence are a bit more difficult to manoeuvre than that of a Dyson Ball model such as the DC39. But, as can be seen the DC26 is much lighter than the DC23 and hence more mobile and easier to control for a user.

Differences in the Practicality

DC23: Size H:13.9 x D:19.3 W:11.9 inches. Cord: 21.6ft. Reach: 36.2 ft . Bin: 2 litres . 

DC26: Size H:10.5 x D:12.6 W:8.27 inches. Cord:16.5ft. Reach:26.3 ft . Bin: 0.7 litres .

As can be seen and expected -- the DC26 with it purposely being designed to be 'compact' is the more convenient vacuum for those who have a concern with storage -- however the DC23 offers more vacuuming practicality, which lends itself towards the larger household.

Note. Reach refers to the max length of the Dyson Vacuum hose, from the vacuum.

Differences in  Accessories

DC23: Combination Tool. Stair Tool. Articulating Floor Tool.

DC26: Carbon Fiber Floor Tool. Combination Tool. Stair Tool. Articulating Floor Tool.

As can be seen the accessories are largely the same, apart from the DC26 comes with a carbon fiber floor tool (instead of the standard motorised brush head with the DC23 Motorhead model) that has nylon brushes and bristles made from pure carbon fiber due its anti-static properties and can hence remove finer dust on hard flooring. Differing versions, depending if you are buying in the UK or the US -- have different accessories so be sure to clarify exactly what you are getting.

Further Information

Both are fitted with Lifetime Washable HEPA filter that prevents air being expelled containing bacteria and allergens.

Should You Buy the DC23 or the DC26 vacuum?

DC23: $399.00

DC26: $399.99 

(Prices taken from Amazon.com -- as of 07/09/2012).

The vacuum themselves are specifically designed for two different sets of people -- one where storage is an issue and cleaning isn't really that 'big' a job, hence doesn't need to be as powerful etc. but being compact is a must -- the Dyson DC26, and the other canister vacuum is designed for the larger household, hence it comes with a larger bin capacity, longer cord cable, being more powerful etc. -- the Dyson DC23.

Which would you buy and why? Please let me know in the comments section below, along with any questions or comments you have specifically regarding the 'DC23 vs DC26' debate or the Dyson canister vacuum models individually.