DC24 Vs DC27

The following article is a brief and objective comparison review of the two upright Dyson vacuum cleaners -- the Dyson DC24 and the Dyson DC27 -- highlighting both the differences in their features, specifications and practicality -- as well their similarities, factors where they are in fact the same. Then a final concluding section which determines firstly which is the better vacuum (given your specific needs and preferences) as well as which of the two vacuums offers the best 'value' for its given price tag.

Dyson DC24 Upright Vacuum Vs Dyson DC27 Upright Vacuum 

The Differences in the Cleaning Performance

DC24: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 115 Air Watts

DC27: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 245 Air Watts

As can be seen from the above specifications -- there is a clear difference between the cleaning power of the DC24 and the DC27 ( 130 Air Watts, making the DC27 more than  twice as powerful) and hence a noticeable comparison in the amount of debris and dirt etc. that they can vacuum. In this regard, the DC27 clearly is the better vacuum and the DC24 isn't that much more powerful than the Dyson Cordless Digital Slim Range ( on boost mode) with around 50 Air Watts more. A factor certainly worth taking into consideration, when buying either the DC24 or the DC27.

The Differences in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC24: Standard Root Cyclone Technology.

DC27: Standard Root Cyclone Technology.

Both the Dyson DC24 & the Dyson DC27 are fitted with the same (standard version) Root Cyclone technology that in essence prevents the user from experiencing loss of suction with their Dyson vacuum cleaner -- which is a regular problem of other such brands of vacuum -- whereas they 'suck up' more and more debris and dirt etc. they tend to gradually lose the power of suction -- however simply not so with Dyson vacuums.

(For the up to date re-modelled Radial Root Cyclone technology you will have to be looking at the more modern versions of the Dyson vacuums such as the DC39, DC40 and DC41 etc. that essentially perform the exact same job as the standard version, but can allow the vacuum to pick up even finer particles of debris and dust from a range of flooring.)

The Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC24: Upright Vacuum. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 5.3kg.

DC27: Upright Vacuum. Fix Wheeled. Weight -- 9 kg.

Obviously both are upright vacuum cleaners (which in terms of mobility simply comes down to preference e.g. some people prefer to vacuum with cylinder vacuums), but there are two major distinctive differences in mobility however --  firstly in the operation type, the DC27 is fix wheeled and hence has to be dragged back and forth whereas the DC24 runs on a Dyson Ball allowing it swivel and turn on a singular point -- allowing the user a greater control of their vacuum. Secondly, the DC24 is almost 4 kilograms lighter than that of the DC27 and hence requires a lot less effort from the user to manoeuvre the vacuum around the floor (and house) than that of the DC27. The DC24 hence clearly wins in this particular aspect.

The Differences in Practicality

DC24 - Size -H:29.6 x W:11 x D:13.7 inch. Cord: 20 ft. Reach: 28.72ft. Bin: 0.19 gallons.

DC27 - Size -H:42.1 x W:13.5 x D:14.3 inch. Cord: 35 ft. Reach: 52ft. Bin: 0.61 gallons.

In terms of storing the vacuum away -- the DC24 lends itself more favourably, where it is clearly the more compact of the two and hence requires less space to store. However, in terms of actual vacuuming practicality the DC27 is considerably more well inept -- with a longer cord length, greater reach (with the telescope wand) as well as alarger storage bin capacity (more than 3x times the size of the DC24) -- it is clear the DC24 is aimed more towards the smaller household and the DC27 towards that of a larger household.

The Differences in Accessories

DC24: Combination Crevice Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

DC27: Combination Crevice Tool. Stair Tool.

The DC27 comes with a standard combination crevice tool, as does the DC24, however the DC27 also comes with the stair tool whereas the DC24 just has to deal with the extended wand in this regard (which is also apart of the DC27's tool range). However, the DC27 doesn't come as an animal version, like that of the DC24 Animal which is essentially the exact same model but comes with a mini turbine head also (which is specifically designed to vacuum up pet hair) -- this being said the DC27 can come with a mini turbine head but simply has to be purchased separately.

Moreover, you may be interested in additional Dyson accessories and attachments to improve the versatility of your vacuum through a range of Dyson tool kits such as the  'Asthma and Allergy Kit' ( which features the Soft Dusting Brush, Mattress tool and the Flexi-Crevice tool) 'Dyson Car Cleaning Kit' (that comes with the Flexi-Crevice tool, Stiff Bristle Brush & Dyson Mini Turbine Head) or the 'Pet Clean-Up Kit' (that comes with the Flexi-Crevice tool, Dyson Mattress Tool, and full Zorb Cleaning Kit -- which includes Zorb Carpet Cleaning Spray and Maintenance powder).

Further Information

Both are fitted with a washable HEPA filter that prevents allergens and dust particles from being expelled into the air. Moreover, both are backed by a 5 Year Warranty (both parts and labour) when bought new, although the DC27 is no longer officially sold under Dyson other retailers may provide a unique warranty -- that obviously should be checked by the purchaser.

Should You Buy the DC25 or the DC27?

DC24 multi-floor: $399.99 & DC24 animal: $449.99

DC27 multi-floor: Approximately $500 (no longer officially sold under Dyson).

These are two different vacuums aimed at two different types of users -- one where space is an issue and only requires a vacuum to clean up a small area of flooring hence doesn't require a great deal of cleaning power etc. (the DC24), and the other for the larger home, which is need of a powerful suction power to vacuum and clean large spaces and areas along with suitable vacuuming practicalities such as a large bin storage capacity etc. (the DC27).

In terms of pricing, I would say the DC27 offers you the better value -- however it is dependent on the person, if space is a major issue than the DC24 would edge it, if it isn't however I believe the DC27 does offer you a lot more for its price tag than the DC24 does (you may be able to find both for better prices and deals if you shop around online, or consider a used or regurbished model).

If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding the 'DC24 Vs DC27' comparison review or about the Dyson upright vacuum cleaners individually (i.e either the DC24 or DC27) then please feel free to make them in the comments section, that you should find just below the article.