DC24 Vs DC33

If you are interested in either buying the Dyson DC24 or the DC33, or you are simply wanting to compare the differences (& similarities) between each model then you have come to the right place. Below, is a brief breakdown analysis comparing both the DC24's and DC33's specifications, along with an overall concluding verdict as to which vacuum is best suited for you and your needs & preferences.

Dyson DC24 Multi-floor Vacuum The Dyson DC24 is an upright compact vacuum cleaner that encompasses the Dyson ball technology, designed for easy use and easy storage, along with an attached reversible wand for 'difficult to vacuum areas'.Dyson DC33 Upright VacuumCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- Dyson

Dyson DC33 Multi-floor Vacuum : The Dyson DC33 is a powerfully engineered upright vacuum cleaner designed to for every floor type (as is the DC24), designed specifically with a 'long reach' capability with a hose that extends up to a huge 14 metres.

Suction Power

There is a large difference in the cleaning performance and constant suction power between the DC24 and DC33. The DC24 has a suction power of around just 100 AW (air watts) where as the DC33 is more than two and half times as powerful with a suction power of 255 AW.

Bin Capacity

Again a large difference (about 1.5 litres) can be observed in this particular specification as well. Where the DC33 has a bin capacity of approximately 2.3 litres, compared to that of the DC24 with just 0.85 litres


The DC24 is 'ultra-lightweight' weighing in at just 5.4 kg, moreover it is encompassed with the highly rated Dyson Ball technology, allowing the user to make rapid twists and turns with the vacuum. The DC33 however, is pretty heavy (certainly in the Dyson Vacuum range) weighing in at just over 8kg and is fixed wheel, hence has to be dragged back and forth in order to vacuum. So in this department it is pretty clear the DC24 offers a greater manoeuverability for the user.

Cord Length & Max Reach

The DC24 offers a cord length of 6.1 metres as well as a max reach (through the telescope wand) of 8.75 metres, hence in total at 14.85 metres. The DC33 offers a cord length of 9.25 metres as well as a max reach (through telescope wand) of 14.25 metres, hence in total 23.5 metres. Clearly if you have a larger household, the DC33 will offer more practicality in this department.


Both the DC24 and DC33 offer the on-board combination tool, however it is only the DC33 multi floor that offers the stair tool. (Additional Dyson tools & accessories are available for both models).


The smaller of the two vacuum cleaners is the DC24 that offers 74.6cm in height, 34.9 cm in width and 28.1 cm in depth. Whereas the DC33 measures in height at around 108.4cm, 34.8 cm in width as well as 34cm in depth. Hence, if storage is an issue then the compact DC24 is probably more suitable in this aspect.


Dyson DC24 Upright VacuumCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonBoth possess the unique Dyson Root Cyclone technology that allows for no los of suction, as well both being fitted with the 'lifetime' HEPA filter to act as a precaution for those suffering with asthma and other allergies -- along with this a 5 year labor and parts warranty. Both also received the prestigious 'Which? Best Buy Awards' both going undergoing rigorous testing. The DC33 also received the award in April 2011, and the DC24 in September 2010.


You will find in most retailers and online retailers such as Amazon.com, that there price from each doesn't tend to differ much, both can be fetched at around the $350-450 range.

Summary: Should You Buy the DC33 or the DC24?

In my view, those who are looking for a powerful cleaning machine to actually just get the job done, and where storage and 'cleaning' experience isn't that much of an issue then the DC33 is probably perfect for you. However, those who are looking for a more 'compact' machine with an ease of manoeuverability however aren't overly concerned with a perfect finish, then the DC24 is probably the right choice for you. Both are award winning vacuum cleaners, but which one have you chosen, the DC33 or the DC24? Let me know why in the comments box below, along with any general remarks or questions you have over the DC24 and DC33.