DC25 Vs DC27

The following article is an overview comparison between the Dyson DC25 upright vacuum cleaner and that of the Dyson DC27 upright vacuum cleaner -- highlighting both the 'differences' between the two vacuum cleaner's specifications, features and practicalities as well as the 'similar' aspects that can be seen in both vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, one will conclude this article with an objective review -- to decide firstly upon which of the two vacuum cleaners is the 'better' model and secondly which Dyson vacuum cleaner offers you the best overall 'value' for its price tag.

Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum  Vs Dyson DC27 Upright Vacuum

The Differences in the Cleaning Performance

DC25: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 220 Air Watts

DC27: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 245 Air Watts

From the above it can be seen there is a marginal difference in the cleaning performance -- in favour of the DC27 (a precise difference of around 25 Air Watts) which may be somewhat noticeable to that of the naked eye -- however not dramatically so. Where both the DC25 and DC27 vacuums possess a decent amount of cleaning suction power -- more than capable to deal with many of the normal cleaning tasks it is likely to be fronted with in the average home. 

The Differences in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC25: Standard Root Cyclone Technology

DC27: Standard Root Cyclone Technology

Both have been equipped with the (standard version) unique patented Dyson Root Cyclone Technology that in essence prevents the user from experiencing a 'loss of suction' with the Dyson vacuum -- which is a common problem that can be experienced in many of the different competing brand vaccum cleaners -- where as the more it vacuums (the more debris and dirt it collects etc.) and gradually the suction power begins to diminish -- not an issue however with the DC25 and DC27.

(The more advanced re-modelled Root Cyclone Technology is available in the more modern Dyson vacuum range such as the DC39, DC40, DC41 etc. that essentially performs the same job as the standard version, however it allows the vacuum to pick up even smaller particles of dirt & debris etc.)

The Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC25: Upright Vacuum. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 7.4 kg.

DC27: Upright Vacuum. Fix Wheeled. Weight -- 9 kg.

Both the DC25 and DC27 are upright vacuums (in which when it comes to mobility, is simply a matter of preference -- where some people prefer uprights and some people prefer canister vacuums), however the difference comes in both the motion operation as well as the weight. The DC27 operates on a fix wheeled basis and hence has to be dragged back and forth, the DC25 on the other hand operates on the Dyson Ball that allows a user to have a greater sense of control and usability, allowing them to quickly turn and twist the vacuum on a single dime. There is also a fair difference in weight too -- the DC25 is 1.6kg lighter than the DC27, which would be fairly noticeable when it comes to the manoeuvrability of the vacuum. In the mobility aspect it is pretty clear the DC25 is the 'better' vacuum.

The Differences in Practicality

DC25: Size - H:42.4 x W:12.2 D:15.4 inch. Cord:24.6 ft. Reach:40.28 ft. Bin: 0.33 gallon .

DC27: Size - H:42.1 x W:13.5 x D:14.3 inch. Cord: 35 ft. Reach: 52ft. Bin: 0.61 gallon .

As can be seen from the specifications above -- in terms of storage space, both the DC25 and the DC27 are pretty similar in size and hence neither one offers a real advantage over the other in this regard. However, in terms of vacuuming practicality it is clear the DC27 edges it --  coming with both a greater cord length and a greater max reach (with the telescope wand attachment) as well as a larger bin capacity (which you I can assure you, you would be particularly thankful for).

The Differences in Accessories

DC25: Combination Crevice Tool. Stair Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

DC27: Combination Crevice Tool. Stair Tool.

Both the DC25 and the DC27 vacuum cleaners are fitted with the same accessories  -- the combination crevice tool as well as the stair tool. Moreover, if you were to buy the DC25 Animal it also comes with the mini turbine head (which is an especially designed attachment for vacuuming pet hair) -- the DC27 doesn't have an animal version so it would be advised to simply purchase either the mini turbine head or the upgrade 'the Dyson tangle free turbine tool' separately (if the user was particularly concerned with pet hair).

If you are interested in the available Dyson accessories for both the DC25 and the DC27 you maybe interested in some of the following Dyson kits:

  • The Dyson Car Cleaning Kit
  • The Dyson Allergy and Asthma Kit
  • The Dyson Pet Clean-Up Kit

Further Information

Both the Dyson DC25 & DC27 come with a HEPA filter that prevents allergens and dust being expelled into the air, moreover both when bought new come with a 5 year warranty (both parts and labour) -- if sold by an individual retailer be sure to check for the specific terms of the warranty. 

A unique feature of the DC25 is that it comes with the quick draw telescope, whereas the DC27 comes with tthe simple reverse wand. Furthermore, the DC25 is also award winning having received the award of Best Vacuum cleaner by Which? Best Buy.

Should You Buy the DC25 or the DC27?

DC25: Approximately $550.

DC27: Approximately $500 (no longer officially sold under Dyson).

(As of 20/09/2012).

On the balance -- both vacuum cleaners have their strengths and weaknesses -- where the DC27 is a more powerful vacuum and more offers a more practical functionality (particularly the storage bin capacity -- that I personally hold a big weighting on) and the DC25 lends itself as a more mobile and easier going vacuum. Hence, in truth the best vacuum will largely depend on your preferences, for me it has to be the DC27 simply for the vacuuming practicality that it offers.

In terms of pricing both are roughly the same and hence I would opt for the DC27 as it is my favoured vacuum out of the two (but be sure to go shopping online to find some cheaper deals on the vacuums, for instance Amazon.com often hold a range of discounts on such goods, moreover you are likely to get an even bigger discount if you opt for a used or even refurbished model -- which should at least definitely be worth considering)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the above debate between the Dyson DC25 Vs Dyson DC27 or about either of the upright vacuum cleaners individually (i.e specifically regarding the DC25 or the DC27) then please feel free to make them in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below.