DC25 Vs Dc40

If you are undecided as to whether you want to buy the Dyson DC25 or the Dyson DC40, then hopefully the following breakdown analysis of both the vacuum cleaner's positive and negative aspects, will be able to help aid you in your decision. Below, is a showcase comparison of both the DC25's and DC40's specifications, in which you can analyse what is important to you, and then ultimately which upright Dyson vacuum cleaner is more suited for your specific needs and preferences.

 Dyson DC25 Multi-floor Vacuum Vs Dyson DC40 Multi-Floor Vacuum

Air Watts (The Suction Power)

The Dyson DC25 has a slightly higher constant suction power of 220 air watts, when compared to that of the DC40 multi-floor model with 200 air watts, which in all likeliness won't really be that much of a noticeable difference when it comes to vacuuming your floor. But, if suction power is important to you, it is worth noting the DC25 does slightly edge it in this respect, but the actual cleaning aspect will be neglible (if not more so in the favour of the DC40 as you will find out through its adjustable suction cleaning head).

Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of May 24, 2016)

Storage Bin Capacity

In this aspect it is the DC40 that edges it with a storage bin capacity of roughly 1.6 litres, which is 0.2 litres more than the DC25's 1.4 litres dust bin storage. Again, barely a noticeable difference but something to be wary of in regards to how much debris and dust your potential new Dyson can take -- a bigger bin stroage capacity is less trips to empty it in the dust bin.

Weight of the Vacuum

The lighter of the two is the DC40 weighing in at just 6.7kg, which is relatively speaking, considerably lighter than that of the DC25 which weighs in at just over 7.4kg. As you can see a 0.7kg difference, mainly due to DC40 model being built mainly through 'polypropylene reinforced with glass fibres and high-impact PC-ABS'.


Both the DC25 and DC40 come with the new unique Dyson Ball technology that allows the user to enjoy a great steering experience through rapid twisting and turning capabilities, compared to that of the traditional upright vacuum cleaners which are fixed wheeled, which require the user to instead to drag the vacuum cleaner back and forth. The DC40 has to edge it in this regard also, due to the weight issue discussed just above.

Dyson DC40 Multi floor upright vacuum cleaner
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(price as of May 24, 2016)

Cord Length & Maximum Reach:

Both the DC25 and DC40 have very similar specifications in terms of the cord length of 7.5 metres which is pretty sufficient, even for a rather large house. They differ slightly in their max reach through their hose attachments, with the DC25 being slightly less at 12.34 metres whereas the DC40 is recorded as having a max reach of 12.4 metres.


Both are provided with the on-board combination tool -- which allows for the suction of debris to dust, as well as the stair tool which is specifically designed for ease of use to gather dust and dirt particles on the stair way. As well as both models possessing the telescope reach wand. Additional, accessories are available from the Dyson Vacuum Accessory range such as the pet hair tool etc.

Size of the Vacuum:

The dimensions of the DC25 and DC40 are fairly similar. Where the DC40 records a height of 107 cm, a width of 35 cm and depth of roughly 31 cm, whereas the DC25 records a height of 107.1 cm, 31 cm width and 39.2 cm in depth. 


Both contain the unique Dyson Root Cyclone technology that claims to capture more dirt and dust than any other cyclone, and fails to lose suction as the dirt builds up in the (rather conveniently designed) transparent bin. As well both containing a removable HEPA filter to prevent allergies and asthma consequences and to generally allow for cleaner expelled air. As well as both being effective on all floor types, moreover both the DC25 and DC40 are available as an Animal edition and guaranteed with a fixed 5 year guarantee (check the details of the retailer).

Further Information:

There are two main differences  between the DC25 and the DC40, the strong suction cleaner head of the DC40 allows for the self adjusting of floor surfaces (lowering on hard surfaces, raising on soft ones) gaining a more optimal clean. Plus, as noted with the weight, the DC40 is produced with a high impact material allowing for not only weight loss but also improved durability (as discussed just above). 

Price of the Vacuum Cleaner:

The price doesn't differ much, the DC40 perhaps at most $50-70 more expensive than that of the DC25 usually, simply for the fact that it is the next generation model. 

Summary: Should you Buy a Dyson DC25 or Dyson DC40?

As you have probably been made aware from the above, there is very litte difference between the DC25 and DC40 both offering very similar aspects and attributes. However, if you had to choose I would opt for the DC40, simply for the fact it is a newer generation model that has the up to date patented Dyson technology, as well as being more maneuverable and durable. But, that is not to take anything away from the DC25, it is a quality upright vacuum cleaner in its own right, I just feel that the DC40 is worth the extra money in which it edges the DC40. If you have any remarks or questions regarding the DC25 Vs DC40 debate, then do please leave them in the comments box below.