DC25 Vs DC41

If you are interested in either buying the Dyson DC25 or the Dyson DC41, or are simply wanting to know the differences (& similarities) between both the models, then you've come to the right place. Below, you will find a step by step breakdown analysis -- comparing both the DC25's and DC41's specifications with one another, along with a concluding verdict as to which offers the best value for money, as well as hopefully acting as an overall aid for you to decide which Dyson vacuum model is best suited for your specific needs and preferences.

Dyson DC25 (Multifloor & Animal) 

The DC25 is an upright vacuum cleaner that encompasses the new unique Dyson Ball technology, allowing the user to experience a greater sense of control compared to that of a standard fixed wheel vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it offers a high standard of cleaning performance -- operating at some 220AW along with the unique Dyson Root Cyclone Technology -- hence preventing it from suction loss.

Dyson DC41 AnimalCredit: Amazon.com -- DysonDyson DC41 (Multifloor & Animal)

The DC41 can be considered a sort of upgrade to that of the DC25, as you will see below through the specifications -- the DC41 is primarily the same model in terms of size and weight etc. However, offers you upgraded and better features such as a greater constant suction power (255 AW) and cleaning performance ('Radial Root Cyclone Technology), with further practicality (greater max reach & cord length), additional Dyson technology (adjustable cleaning head) etc.

Suction Power -- AW (Air Watts): Both have a high constant suction power for any upright vacuum cleaner, however the DC41 edges it rather noticeably with 255 AW, whereas the DC25 offers 220 AW. Although, it may not sound all that much afterall it is just 35AW -- but if you have had a chance to test out both the DC41 and the DC25, you will soon see a clear difference in cleaning power that the DC41 offers.

Bin Capacity: The DC41 offers a larger dust bin capacity storage at 2.1 litres, whereas the DC25 offers a bin storage capacity at just 1.4 litres. Hence, the DC41 offers itself as being a bit more practical as a vacuum cleaner especially for the larger households -- in terms having to empty and re-empty the vacuum cleaner.

Manoeuverability (& Weight): Both are equipped with the unique Dyson Ball technology, that allows the user to rapidly swift and turn, compared to that of a traditional vacuum cleaner that offers a fixed wheel format and hence has to be dragged back and forth. Moreover, the weight of the vacuum will play a factor on the manoeuverability -- the DC25 weighs in at 7.4kg and the DC41 only slightly heavier at 7.8kg -- both fairly similar in this respect.

Dyson DC25 Upright VacuumCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonCord Length & Max Reach: Both offer plenty of cord length, even for the larger households -- the DC25 at 7.5 metres, and the DC41 at 9.4 metres. Furthermore, the reach offered by the telescope wand is more than sufficient for both models also -- the DC25 at 12.34 metres and DC41 at 14 metres.

Accessories: Both the DC25 and the DC41 are provided with the stair tool and the combination tool -- as well as the motorized mini turbine head with the Animal versions.

Size: Both are also similar in size, the DC41 measures in height at 107.1 cm, 39.4 cm in width and  34cm in depth, whereas the DC25 measures in height again at 107.1 cm, 31cm in width and  39.2cm in depth.

Root Cyclone Technology: The DC25 and the DC41 are also suited up with the unique Dyson patented Root Cyclone technology, that allows no loss of suction for the user -- however the DC41 offers the new advanced 'Radial Root Cyclone technology' which means, removing even more dust and, allergens and other debris etc.

Similarities: Both are fitted with a quick and hygienic bin emptying mechanism, all that is required from you is that you the 'dirt release button' whilst placing your transparent bin over your garbage bin and you are done. Moreover, both are fitted with the lifetime HEPA filter that acts a further precaution for those who suffer with asthma and allergies by preventing expelled air. Also, both are covered with a 5 year labour and parts guarantee (although it is wise to check this over with your specific retailer).

Further Information: The DC41 offers the new unique 'self-adjusting' cleaner head that automatically lowers or raises depending on the floor type you are cleaning for a more optimal cleaning performance.

Price: The DC41 Animal is a fair bit more expensive ($600) at around $100 - $120 more than the DC25 Animal ($500). Moreover, you will find that the Animal versions will also be slightly more expensive than that of the multi-floor models due to the addition of the mini turbine head.

Summary: Should You Buy the Dyson DC25 or the DC41?

In all, you are essentially comparing 'quality' of a vacuum with its price, as in many regards the DC41 outperforms the DC25 in almost every trait from having a great suction power -- to possessing the new Dyson Radial Root Cyclone technology and 'self-adjusting cleaner head' etc.. This being said, the DC25 is by no means a bad upright vacuum cleaner by most people's standards. However, I personally do feel for that extra $100, you are getting a lot more for your money and hence I would say the DC41 offers you better value overall. Which one would you choose to buy and why? Please tell me in the comments box below as well as any other remarks or questions regarding the 'DC25 Vs DC41' debate.