DC27 Vs DC33

The following article is a brief and objective comparison analysis between the two upright Dyson Vacuum Cleaners -- the DC27 and that of the DC33 -- pointing out to their major differences in specifications and features as well as highlighting their similarities. Then to finish, one will come up with a concluding verdict as to firstly which is the 'better' of the two vacuums, and then secondly go on to state which vacuum offers you the best 'value' for its price tag.

Dyson DC27 Upright Vacuum Vs Dyson DC33 Upright Vacuum 

The Similarities in the Cleaning Performance

DC27: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 245 Air Watts

DC33: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 240 Air Watts

As can be seen from the above 'Air Watts' specification -- the DC27 and DC33 are roughly equal in power with a marginal 5 Air Watts towards the DC27's way. This being said, the actual cleaning performance would be pretty negligible (i.e it wouldn't really be noticeable to the naked eye that the DC27 cleaned more dirt and debris etc.). Pretty much equal in this regard -- but that's not to take away from the fact that they are both pretty powerful upright vacuum cleaners in their own right (especially when compared to the rest of the Dyson upright range).

The Similarities in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC27: Standard Root Cyclone Technology

DC33: Standard Root Cyclone Technology

Both are fitted with the same Dyson Patented Root Cyclone Technology (standard) -- which in essence allows the user to continue vacuuming without ever losing suction power. A problem that Dyson points to -- in which many of the competing vacuum brands and models appear to do, where as they gather more and more debris and dust etc. they lose more and more suction power. Both models are obviously equal in this aspect also.

The Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC27: Upright Vacuum. Fix Wheeled. Weight -- 9 kg.

DC33: Upright Vacuum. Fix Wheeled. Weight -- 8 kg.

In regards to the mobility of the vacuum cleaners -- both are upright (which is a matter of preference, where some prefer canister vacuums etc.), they are both fix wheeled (hence unlike some of the Dyson Ball vacuums, the DC27 & DC33 have to be dragged back and forth, rather than being able to rapidly twist and turn on a dime) but they do differ in weight by a kilogram in favour of the DC33 -- and hence it lends itself as being more manoeuvrable. The DC33 wins in this aspect... however only just.

The Similarities in Practicality

DC27: Size -H:42.1 x W:13.5 x D:14.3 inch. Cord: 35 ft. Reach: 52 ft . Bin: 0.61 gallons.

DC33: Size -H:44.9 x W:13.4 x D:14 inch. Cord: 35 ft. Reach: 51.1 ft. Bin: 0.61 gallons.

When it comes to storing the Dyson Vacuum, neither one really offers an advantage in terms of compactness -- as both are roughly the same (perhaps the DC33 could be argued to be marginally larger). Neither is there a real advantage in terms of the vacuuming practicalities, where both have the same cord length, the (telescope wand) reach is pretty much the same at just over 50 ft -- moreover the bin storage capacity is also exactly the same. Again the DC27 and DC33 are pretty much the same model in terms of practical features.

The Similarities in Accessories

DC27: Combination Crevice Brush Tool. Stair Tool.

DC33: Combination Crevice Brush Tool. Stair Tool.

The Dyson attachments and accessories that come with the two models are the same (both the Combination crevice tool as well as the stair tool). It doesn't appear that Dyson distribute an Animal version of either the DC27 or the DC33 -- so the only way you could get hold of a Dyson Tangle Free turbine (a specially designed motorised cleaning head for vacuuming pet hair) would be to buy it separately.

If you are interested in additional accessories for either the Dyson DC27 or the DC33 it would be worth checking out some of the potential Dyson kits such as the 'Dyson Car Cleaning Kit' (that comes with the Flexi-Crevice tool, Stiff Bristle Brush & Dyson Mini Turbine Head), 'Asthma and Allergy Kit' ( that comes with the Soft Dusting Brush, Mattress tool and the Flexi-Crevice tool) or the 'Pet Clean-Up Kit' (that comes with the Flexi-Crevice tool, Dyson Mattress Tool, and full Zorb Cleaning Kit).

Further Information

Both vacuum cleaners are provided with a washable HEPA filter that prevents the vacuum from expelling dust and allergens into the air -- making it Asthma and Allergy Friendly. If this is a concern of yours -- as mentioned just above there is a specialised Asthma and Allergy Kit conjured especially for such related sufferers etc that may be worth looking into.

Moreover, when you buy the DC33 straight from Dyson you are provided with a 5 year warranty (both parts and labour) and for the DC27 it depends on the retailer who is specifying the deal (obviously worth looking into in this regard).

Should You Buy the DC25 or the DC27?

DC27: Approximately $500 (no longer officially sold under Dyson).

DC33: Retails at $399.99

(Note: the DC27 is a price taken from 20/07/2012 not through Dyson themselves)

The better vacuum? Well they are pretty much the same in pretty much every regard -- the DC27 can be argued to be a little bit more powerful in terms of Air Watts, but certainly nothing that would be noticeable, they are both fitted with the standard Root Cyclone technology and both come with the same accessories. The only real difference that can be pointed out is to the mobility of the machine -- where the DC33 is a kilogram lighter, but even that should not be considered of major bearing. 

The price however -- the DC33 retails at $100 cheaper (and if you were to go shopping around onliune you could probably find it for a fair bit cheaper than that too -- probably a difference of $150), hence in my mind this is the clear vacuum to go for. In truth though it would be literally... which ever model is cheapest (or the 'best' deal).

If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding the 'DC27 Vs DC33' debate or actually about either the Dyson DC27 Upright Vacuum or the Dyson DC33 Upright Vacuum individually -- then please do make them in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below.