DC28 Vs DC33

The following article is a brief objective comparison of the specifications and features of the Dyson DC28 upright Model with that of the Dyson DC33 upright Model -- highlighting both their differences along with their similarities -- as well as a final conclusion to determine which is the better vacuum and which one offers the best value.

Differences in the Cleaning Performance

DC28: Constant Suction Power -- 235 Air Watts

DC33: Constant Suction Power -- 240 Air Watts

Although the Dyson DC33 slightly edges it in terms of cleaning performance, it can be seen both are extremely powerful upright vacuum cleaners -- with the difference between them being somewhat minimal.

Differences in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC28: Root Cyclone Technology & Air Muscle Technology

DC33: Root Cyclone Technology

Both are fitted with the unique patented Dyson Root Cyclone technology, that prevents the vacuum cleaners from losing suction. The Dyson DC28 is also fitted with muscle technology that acts as part of three unique pieces of Dyson equipment combined to optimise cleaning a range of floor surfaces (note: both are capable of cleaning a range of flooring incl. stairs).

Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC28: Fixed Wheel. Weight -- 20.61 lbs.

DC33: Fixed Wheel. Weight -- 17.6 lbs.

Both are structured with a fixed wheel format, hence doesn't offer you as greater steering control as some of the more modern Dyson Ball (or Cordless) vacuum cleaners. The DC33 does edge it in this regard however due to it being lighter.

Similiraties in Practicality

DC28: Storage - H:42.1, W:13.5 & D:14.3 inches. Max Reach - 52.2 ft. Bin - .61 gallons

DC33: Storage - H:44.9, W:13.4 & D:14 inches. Max Reach - 51.1 ft. Bin - .61 gallons.

Neither one really offers an advantage in storage for the user, as both are similar in size. Nor is there any advantages gained in the max reach of the telescope -- along with the exact bin storage capacity.

Differences in Accessories

DC28:Combination Crevice Tool. Quick-Draw Telescope. Finger Tip Controls.

DC33:Combination Crevice Tool. Draw Telescope. 

Both come with the combination & crevice tool, along with a mini turbine head when you purchase the Animal versions. Moreover, the DC28 has been enabled with the quick-draw (one movement) telescope, whereas the DC33 has the standard one. The DC28 also has the finger tip control option to allow the user to adjust the floor type of cleaner head (rather than having to bend down to change it).

Further Information.

Both are fitted with lifetime washable HEPA filters, to prevent allergens etc. from being expelled into the air.

Both are designed ergonomically with a transparent bin capacity (so you know when the bin  needs emptying) that is accompanied by a simple and hygienic one button release mechanism.

Should You Buy the DC28 or the DC33?

DC28 Animal: $499.99

DC33 Mutli-floor: $399.99

From the above it is pretty clear that the two vacuum cleaners aren't too dissimilar, although the DC28 does edge it -- and I would normally advise for you to probably to go for the DC33 and save yourself a $100 (unless you had a serious pet hair problem & because the DC28 is probably not a $100 better). 

However, at the current time 03/09/2012 -- you can buy the DC28 Animal reconditioned from Amazon for around the $310 mark with the DC33 being more expensive, from which case you are essentially getting a better vacuum for a cheaper price.

Which Dyson would you buy and why? Please let me know in the comments section below, as well as any questions or remarks you have regarding the DC28 vs DC33 debate.