DC28 Vs DC41

If you are trying determine which Dyson Vacuum cleaner out of the DC28 and the DC41 offers the best value for money or are simply trying to find out the differences (& similarities) between them, then you've come to the right article. Below, is a breakdown analysis comparing both the DC28's as well as the DC41's specifications with one another, along with an overall concluding verdict as to which vacuum offers the best value -- and the vacuum that is best suited to your needs and preferences.

Dyson DC28 (Animal)The DC28 is a powerful upright fixed wheeled vacuum cleaner that hosts a range of unique Dyson features from 'Airmuscle' to 'Root Cyclone' technology.

Dyson DC41 (Animal)The more recent DC41 is an (even more) powerful upright, that offers greater manoeuverability through the unique Dyson Ball as well as offering great practicality for the user.


The DC28 offers a constant suction power of 245 air watts, however the DC41 offers slightly more power at 255 air watts -- both being extremely powerful upright vacuum cleaners, where a difference of 10 air watts being somewhat negligible.


Where the DC28 offers the 'Root Cyclone Technology' that allows for no loss of suction, the DC41 offers the upgrade the 'Radial Root Cyclone Technology' which again prevents the DC41 from loss of suction but also allows it to collect even more debris and pet hair etc. The DC28 does however offer 'Air Muscle Technology' that essentially combines three elements (pneumatic actuator, powered cam and hihg-torque clutch) to provide an optimal clean for every type of flooring.


As noted above the DC28 is fix wheeled and hence has to be dragged back and forth, whereas the DC41 is implemented with the Dyson Ball allowing the user to benefit from greater control of steering. Moreover, the DC28 weighs in at over 12kg, whereas the DC41 weighs in at just 7.8kg.


In terms of storage --both are approximately the same in size -- DC41 -- (H:107.1, W:39.4, D:34 cm) and DC28 -- (H:106.9, W:34.3, D:36.3 cm). The DC28 offers a greater cord length at 10.7 metres, where the DC41 measures a cord length of 9.4 metres. The max reach of the DC41 is however greater at 14 metres, whereas the DC28 offers it at just 16 feet.

Further Information

Both offer the same accessories with the combination tool, stair tool and (if Animal) the mini turbine head specifically built for vacuuming pet hair -- along with a lifetime HEPA filter to prevent expelled air containing bacteria to inflict those who suffer with allergies and asthma. The DC41 does also offers the new self-adjusting cleaning head that raises and lowers according to the floor type allowing for a more optimal cleaning performance.

Should You Buy the Dyson DC28 or the DC41?

The price of the DC28 can be fetched at around $400 and the DC41 at $570, now from the above it is clear that the DC41 is a better vacuum cleaner and it is in the balance as to whether it is worth $170 more -- probably dependent on your preferences, I think I would slightly edge it and go for the DC41. This being said, you are able to get hold of a refurbished DC28 (which trust me aren't what you are thinking, they get tested and reproduced by Dyson themselves) for under $320 (essentially less than half the price of the RRP) -- a difference of $250, in which case I would have to opt for the remanufactured DC28. What would you choose to buy and why? Please tell me below in the comments box along with any additional remarks of questions you have regarding the DC28 Vs DC41 debate.