DC30 Vs DC34

Below, you will find a specification and features comparison between the two handheld Dyson DC30 and DC34 vacuum cleaners -- highlighting both their differences and similarities, along with an overall concluding verdict as to which -- is best for the job, as well as which one offers you the best value.

Dyson DC30 Handheld Cordless VacuumThe DC30 is a relatively powerful lightweight cordless handheld that is designed to be both practical and ergonomic -- making it the perfect piece of cleaning equipment to vacuum those difficult to get to places.

Dyson DC34 Handheld Cordless Vacuum (Animal)The DC34 is an upgrade (well second upgrade, after that of the DC31) to that of the DC30, again designed with the same intentions of the DC30, but offers improved cleaning performance, technology and specifications.


The DC30 runs for 6 minutes at a constant suction power of 40 air watts. The DC34 is provided with a dual power mode (allowing the user to choose between either 'standard' or 'max' mode) -- on standard, the DC34 operates for 15 minutes with 28 air watts (13 minutes with the Animal mini turbine tool), however on max it operates for 6 minutes at 65 air watts (70% more powerful), making it the power efficient handheld vacuum in the market.


Both are equipped with the unique Dyson Root Cyclone technology, and hence preventing the user from loss of suction. Battery technology -- the batteries do differ slightly -- the DC34 offers a 22.2 volt lithium battery, and the DC30 a less powerful 14.8 volt lithium battery -- both are the same in regards to charge up time of roughly 3.5 hours.


The DC30 and DC34 have their weight evenly distributed throughout the cleaners, however the DC30 weighs slightly less at 1.2kg, with the DC34 weighing in at 1.33kg. Moreover, they are also pretty much the same size at Height: 20.5, Width: 32.2 and Depth: 11.6 cm. 

Further Information

The DC34 offers a slightly larger bin capacity at 0.35 litres to the DC30 with 0.3 litres. Moreover, both are backed by a 2 years parts and labour guarantee. They also come with the combination and crevice tool, and if you get the Dyson DC34 animal you also get a mini turbine head (additional accessories/tools can be bought for both the DC30 and DC34).

Should You Buy the Handheld DC30 or DC34 Vacuum Cleaner?

From 29/08/2012 the DC30 is available from Dyson.co.uk at £120, and the DC34 is available new on Amazon.co.uk for £123.69 and slightly more for the DC34 animal version at £150. So it should be pretty clear as to which handheld vacuum to buy -- the DC34 offers more power (along with dual power mode --an option to save power for a longer run time), up to date Dyson technology (22.v lithium battery)  as well as a larger bin capacity (0.35 litres)-- the only place it really lacks is that it weighs 0.1 kg more. In all, I think it is pretty clear to opt for the Dyson DC34 and if you have pets, be sure to go for the DC34 Animal (so you can get hold of the incredibly useful mini turbine head accessory tool as well).

If you have any questions or comments regarding the DC30 and DC34 debate, please let me know in the comments box below.