DC31 Vs DC34

If you are weighing up as whether to buy either the Dyson DC31 or the DC34, or you are simply wanting to know the differences between the two Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, then you are at the right spot. Below, is a specification and features comparison between the DC31 and the DC34 and a final conclusion as to which model of Dyson presents to you the best value for money as well as which model is more suited to your specific needs and preferences.

Dyson Handheld DC31 Vacuum Cleaner (Animal)The DC31 is designed to be a light ergonomic handheld vacuum cleaner that is suitable for hard to reach (and vacuum) places such as your car etc. 

Dyson Handheld DC34 Vacuum Cleaner (Animal)The DC34 is the 'next generation' of the DC31, offering the same ergonomic features (still lightweight, with the weight being evenly distributed but also) offers better specifications such as the length of actual vacuuming ('run time').


Both come with a 'dual mode' which provides the user with the option of 'normal' mode and 'max mode'. For the DC31 normal mode offers you a constant suction power of 38 Air Watts for a length of around 10 minutes, whereas the DC34 offers you 15 minutes run time at a constant suction power of 28 Air Watts -- and both offer you 65 Air Watts on max power for a run time of 6 minutes. 

The DC31 and DC34 are powered by the same Dyson Digital Motor that claims to be "smaller, lighter, cleaner and more power-efficient than other conventional electric motors" -- making it more than twice as power as the next standard cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.


The DC31 and DC34 are both encompassed with the unique Dyson Root Cyclone technology that prevents loss of suction as you clean. Moreover, both come with a charge time of approximately 3 hours to get the battery fully charged (being three times faster than that of other competing handheld vacuums).


Both are designed to be light-weight and ergonomic -- as well as being cordless obviously helps tremendously for manoeuvrability compared to that of a corded handheld vacuum. The DC31 and DC34 also weigh in the same at approximately 2.9lbs (both being designed to be evenly balanced). 


When it comes to storage both can be made negligible if you purchase a wall mounting docking station which are pretty useful to just keep everything neat and tidy. However, the size of the two handheld vacuum cleaners are approximately the same. With the DC34 at  Height: 8.1, Width:12.7 and Depth: 4.4 inches, whereas the DC31 is at Height:8, Width:12.7 and Depth: 4.4 inches, as well as offering the same bin capacity of 0.09 gallons. 

Further Information

Both packages include the same accessories -- a crevice tool, a combination tool and if you were to buy the animal versions, you are provided with the mini turbine head specifically designed to gather up pet hair. Furthermore, both machines are provided with a 2 year labour and parts guarantee (edit: may only now apply to the DC34 model as it is updated). The DC31 & DC34 does offer you an LED screen of time left before the vacuum cleaner runs out and when the vacuum is fully charged.

Should You Buy the Dyson Handheld DC31 or DC34 Vacuum Cleaner?

They are essentially the same handheld vacuum cleaner the only real difference being that of the 'run time'. Where the DC34 operates for 15 minutes on a suction power of 28 AW (13 minutes if you were to apply the mini turbine head) whereas the DC31 operates for 10 minutes on 38 AW. Moreover, Dyson don't sell the DC31 directly anymore, so the price of it tends to vary and often the DC31 is second hand along with it likely not being backed by the two years guarantee. Hence, for the reasons previously stated I would opt with the DC34 Animal handheld vacuum in terms of being the better vacuum cleaner and better deal, unless of course I can get hold of the DC31 for a bargain price (even if used or refurbished) -- but the DC34 remains to be the 'better' vacuum cleaner -- just.

Which would you buy the DC31 or the DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner and why? Please let me know in the comments box below as well as any other comments or questions you may have specifically regarding the DC31 vs DC34 debate.