DC33 Vs DC41

Whether you are simply interested in finding out the differences (& similarities) between the two Dyson models or you are actually contemplating buying either the DC33 or the DC41, then then this is the right place for you. Below, you will find a specification and features comparison between the DC33 and DC41 models, along with a conclusion as to which Dyson vacuum offers the best value for money. 

Dyson DC33 Upright Vacuum: The DC33 is a light-weight and powerfully designed standard fix wheeled upright vacuum cleaner that offers itself as a -- 'great value for money' vacuum.

Dyson DC41 Upright Vacuum: The DC41 is currently considered a top class and state-of-the-art upright vacuum cleaner of the modern time -- it is incredibly well engineered with numerous and highly regarded unique vacuum technologies -- from that of the Dyson Ball to that of Radial Root Cyclone Technology.


In terms of constant suction power (measured in Air Watts) both models -- the DC33 and the DC41 offer the same powerful 255 Air watts,however in terms of cleaning performance the DC41 slightly edges it due to its Radial Root Cyclone technology.


As the DC41 is a 'newer' model it is fitted with the new Radial Root Cyclone technology, whereas the DC33 offers the standard Root Cyclone technology both essentially prevent the Dyson vacuums from losing suction with the build up of dust and debris in the transparent bin -- however the Radial offers a greater suction force hence picking up more debris, dust and pet hair etc. Moreover, the DC41 also offers the new self adjusting cleaning head that either automatically raises or lowers depending on the floor type you are vacuuming on in order to get a more 'optimal' clean.


As stated in the mini descriptions the DC33 is fix wheeled and hence has to be dragged back and forth, whereas the DC41 is fitted with the Dyson Ball allowing the user to quickly twist and turn the angle of the vacuum to their liking. Moreover, the DC33 comes in slightly heavier at 8kg whereas the DC41 weighs in at 0.2 kg lighter -- 7.8kg. Hence, overall it is clear the DC41 offers you a greater manoeuvrability than that of the DC33.


Both offer similar aspects in terms of storage and size -- the DC33 dimensions come in at (H: 108.4, W: 34.8, D: 34 cm) and the DC41 at (H:107.1, W:39.4, D:34 cm). The cord length are both convenient lengths for any standard household the DC33 and DC41, 9.25 metres and 9.4 metres respectively -- along with a max reach of 14.25 metres and 14 metres respectively through the telescope wand feature. The bin capacity of the two models are again not too dissimilar, where the DC33 has a slightly larger bin at 2.3 litres whereas the DC41 has one of 2.1 litres.

Further Information

Both offer the same in regards to accessories coming with the onboard 'combination' and 'stair' tool -- in addition to the 'mini turbine head if you buy the 'animal' versions. Moreover, both come with the lifetime HEPA filter that acts to prevent expelled air containing bacteria inflict those who have asthma and allergy issues. As well as the Dysons both coming with a granted 5 year labour and parts warranty.

Should You Buy the DC33 or the DC41?

The price of the DC33 Animal can be fetched at the $450 mark whereas the DC41 Animal comes with a price tag of $600 mark (both cheaper if you opt for the 'mulit-floor' version -- the only difference being between the Animal and multi-floor is that you aren't equipped with the mini turbine head for pet hair), hence a difference of around $150. Whether the DC41 is worth another $150 more is primarily up to you. To me, I'm more in favour of the DC33, the DC41 offers a fraction more in cleaning performance and is better in terms of manoeuvrability but that's about it -- in practicality terms they are the same, as well as their additional features and accessories.  I don't believe the Dyson Ball etc. are worth that extra $150 from my pocket.

So which have you chosen to buy and why? Please let me know in the comments section below as well as any other specific remarks or questions regarding the DC33 Vs DC41 debate.