DC34 Vs DC44

Whether you are either just simply wanting to know the differences between the DC34 and DC44 or you are contemplating buying the DC34 or DC44 -- however can't decide -- then this is the right article for you. Below, you will find an objective showcase comparison of the features and specifications of both the models, along with an overall verdict as to which vacuum offers the most value for money along with a conclusion as to which vacuum is best suited for your specific needs and preferences.

Dyson Handheld DC34 Vacuum CleanerThe DC34 is an ergonomically designed powerful lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner, that is specifically designed to aid a user in cleaning difficult areas for that of a conventional upright cleaner such as the inside of a car.

 Dyson Digital Slim MKII DC44 Vacuum CleanerThe new DC44 is a highly rated piece of cordless cleaning equipment, that can not only operate as a handheld vacuum cleaner but also convert into an upright vacuum cleaner -- some dub it as the most multifunctional  vacuum on the market.

The Cleaning Performance

DC34: 15 minutes at 28 AW on 'Standard' &  6 minutes at 65 AW on 'Boost'.

DC44: 20 minutes at 28 AW on 'Standard' & 8 minutes at 65 AW (70 AW) on 'Boost'.

As you can see the DC44 has a longer 'run time' (Why 20 minutes is more than enough run time), moreover -- although they essentially have the same suction power (in terms of Air Watts), the DC44 is more powerful as the 65 AW is coming out the motorized tool bar (upright form), whereas the DC34 comes in the handheld form -- likely to be around 70 AW.

The 'Fitted' Technology

DC34: Root Cyclone Technology

DC44: Root Cyclone Technology with a 'fade-free nickel cobalt manganese battery'

Both essentially benefit from no loss of suction, however the DC44 comes with a new specialised battery in order to further ensure an evenly distributed 'high constant suction'.

The Manoeuvrability

DC34: Cordless, Ergonomically Designed, Weight: 2.9 lbs

DC44:Cordless, Ergonomically Designed, Weight: 5.07 lbs (with Reach-Wand), 2.8lbs

They are essentially the same when, the wand has been dettatched from the DC44 -- both are similar in size as well as weight.

The Practicality

DC34: Storage Bin Capacity -- 0.35 litres, Recharge Time -- 3.5 hours.

DC44: Storage Bin Capacity -- 0.35 litres, Recharge Time -- 5 hours (unofficial).

Again, they offer the same material builds, along with a storage capacity of 0.09 gallons each. The difference to point out is the extra 90 minutes of charge time that the DC44 has, seems long, but compared to that of other conventional cordless vacuum cleaners -- it is still pretty fast.

The Accessories

DC34: Combination tool, Crevice tool.

DC44: Docking Station, Motorized Cleaner Head, Mini Motorized tool, Combination tool and Crevice tool.

This is really where the DC44 earns its value -- as it opens up so many more avenues of cleaning -- upright multi floor purpose, cleaning pet hairs as well as coming with the accessories of the DC34 -- along with a pretty stylish wall mounted docking station to keep everything nice and neat.

If you are interested in additional accessories for either the DC34 or the DC44, you should be sure to check out the Dyson website under the tab 'accessories' or 'tools' and then go on to find related tools and attachments for cordless vacuums. It is also worth checking out the 'Dyson Cordless Tool Kit' which allows you to make a saving through buying a group of accessories together -- they include the stiff bristle brush, the soft dusting brush, extension hose as well as a wide nozzle tool.

Should You Buy the DC34 or the DC44?

DC34: $199.99

DC44: $399.99

As you can see from the price there is a large difference -- $200. Which for me prompts two questions to be asked?

1) Is the DC44 worth $200 more than the DC34? 

Yes. Because, if you think about it -- you are getting a lot for that extra $200.

First, you are getting a better handheld vacuum (with more power, and run time) -- a standing out point in its own right.

Second, it also doubles up as an upright vacuum cleaner, so you can now clean a range of floors (even your ceiling), which can essentially replace that of a conventional vacuum which would cost you minimum $300+ anyway -- for a decent one mind.

Third, you are getting more 'useful' accessories, you can now also clean up pet hair efficiently, along with having few a powerful attachments to provide you with an even better suited cleaning experience as well as the wall mounted docking station (does look pretty darn cool).

In all, I believe essentially, you are getting a lot more for your buck.

This being said, if you have a perfectly well funcitoning upright and are just looking for something to just do the car (or something specifcic) with then getting the DC34 would seem pretty logical too.

2) Is the DC44 worth $400?

Yes and no.

It depends who you are -- if you have a small house, where storage is a must, along with it being constantly covered in pet hair -- then the DC44 is pretty much your ideal machine. However, if you have a larger house, the DC44 probably won't last in time to give it a proper clean, in which case I would advise a corded vacuum.

Which would you buy, the Dyson Handheld Cordless DC34 or the Dyson Digital Slim Mark 2 DC44 and why? Please tell me in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below and if you have any specific questions, concerns or comments either regarding the comparison debate of the DC34 Vs DC44, or about the technical aspects, specifications and features of either the DC34 or DC44 individually, then again please do make them in the comments section below.