DC35 vs DC44

The following Dyson DC35 Vs DC44 review is essentially a brief objective comparison of the Dyson Digital Slim original (DC35) model to that of the brand new upgrade (DC44) -- highlighting both their differences and similarities in their specifications and features, along with a final concluding verdict as to which offers itself as the better model and finally which one offers the better 'value for money' purchase. 


Dyson DC35 Animal Vs Dyson DC44 Animal

Performance: The DC44 has a longer run time and offers more constant suction power at 'max' along with an improved (twice as powerful) motorised brush bar.

Both the DC35 and DC44 are encompassed with 'dual power mode' which allows the user to opt between 'standard' and 'max or boost' mode as well as using the unique Dyson Digital Motor which operates as the most powerfully efficient motor in a conventional cordless vacuum cleaner on the market (as well as being smaller & lighter).

On 'standard mode' the DC35 offers a run time of 15 minutes at a constant suction power of 28 AW, and on boost mode a run time of 6 minutes at 60 AW (at the end of the wand). The upgrade, DC44 has improved on this aspect -- allowing it to run on 'standard mode' for 20 minutes on a constant suction of 28 AW and 'boost' mode for 8 minutes at more powerful 65 AW -- making the DC44 the most powerful conventional cordless vacuum in the market.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
Amazon Price: $399.00 $340.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 16, 2013)

Practicalities: The DC44 and the DC35 virtually are identical with regards to the 'model' where both have the same dimensions (Height: 112.0 by Width: 23.0 by Depth: 30.0 cm) as well as the same bin capacity of 0.35 litres (same handle, wand size etc.) and can be used on all types of floors (e.g. wooden floor, carpets) . Moreover, they both have the ability to essentially act as like that of the DC34 -- a handheld vacuum by simply removing its wand component. The only real significant improvement to be had is the difference on 'charge time' the DC35 takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge whereas the DC44 can be done within 3 and a half hours. 

Fitted Technology: Both are fitted with the standard uniquely Dyson patented Root Cyclone technology which allows the vacuum to experience no loss of suction i.e as the vacuum sucks up more dirt and debris the suction level remains constant (a problem which is often exhibited in other vacuum brands is that the more you suck up, the more the suck up power of the vacuum diminishes). 

Mobility: Obviously as both are cordless as well as being of similar weightings DC44 -- 2.25 kg and DC35 -- 2.2 kg, both are obviously extremely easy to use and manouevere around, therefore both present themselves as a great for those who have mobility issues. But, relative to one another there is little real difference to be had here.

Dyson DC35 Digitial Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
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(price as of Oct 16, 2013)

Further Information

Both come with an LED monitor to indicate when the vacuum is fully charged, as well as when it is running low on power (with less than a minute to go).

In terms of noise levels -- their is no official figure, but shouldn't be too different to that of the DC35 at around 75 DB on standard mode.

Should You Buy the Dyson DC35 Animal or the DC44 Animal?

It is pretty clear from the above, that the Mark II -- Dyson DC44 animal is the better digital slim vacuum and that with it Dyson has promptly addressed some of the major issues of the first Dyson digital DC35 model, namely that of the small run time and lack of power, however there are still a few areas that can be addressed further such as the charge time (although still 3x times faster than others) & perhaps an even greater run time and power (this being said it isn't meant to be that of a standard upright vacuum -- certainly not a Dyson one anyhow).

The price range difference of around $70 - $100 between the models is still however rather large and whether the DC44 is that much better (a $100 better?), remains in the balance -- although the more research I carry out into the DC44 the more it does appeal to me (and if you think about it, the DC44 has the capacity to double up as handheld vacuum cleaner -- and perform even better than that of the current DC34 model). Anyhow, hats off to Dyson for creating a genuine vacuum that offers itself as both a upright and handheld vacuum.

Which would you buy the Dyson Digital Slim mark I (DC35) or mark II (DC44) and why? Please let me know in the comments section below along with any additional comments or specific questions you have regarding the debate: DC35 vs DC44 Animal.