DC39 Vs DC26

If you are confused as to whether to buy the Dyson DC39 or the DC26, or are simply wanting to quickly find out the differences between them, then you have come to the right place. Just below is a brief summary breakdown of the various specifications and how the DC39 and DC26 compare with each other, and below that is a more extensive specification debate of the 'DC39 vs DC26'. I will then go on to finally conclude with an overall verdict as to which Dyson canister vacuum model you should buy to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum Vs Dyson DC26 Compact Canister Vacuum

Brief Summary of the Differences between the Dyson DC39 and DC26

Constant Suction Power: DC39 - 280 Air Watts Vs DC26 - 160 Air Watts

Bin Capacity: DC39 - 2 litres Vs DC26 - 0.68 Litres

Weight: DC39 - 7.5kg Vs DC26 - 5.3kg

Reach: DC39 - 18 metres  Vs DC26 - 11.5 metres

Manoeuverability: DC39 - New Dyson Ball Technology Vs DC26 - Fixed Wheels

Size: The DC39 is a fair bit larger (find specific details below).

Accessories: Dyson DC39 possesses more tools and accessories e.g. Musclehead tool.

Price: The DC39 is often found to be marginally more expensive than the DC26.


Detailed Comparison of the DC39 and DC26

Air Watts (The Suction Power)

There is a large difference in the suction power of the two models and hence overall cleaning experience. The DC39 offers a huge constant suction power of 280 air watts (making it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the current market) where as the DC26 offers just that of a 160 air watts.

Storage Bin Capacity

Again, a large difference can be noted between the total dust and debris storage of the two Canister vacuum cleaners. The DC39 Multi floor offers a capacity of more than double that of the DC26 with 2 litres, whereas the DC26 offers just 0.68 litres. When it comes to emptying the vacuum cleaners, both have been installed with a one button emptying mechanism allowing the debris and dust to be emptied both hygienically and easily.

Weight of the Vacuum

The DC26 is built to be 'compact' so it should be no suprize that it is somewhat lighter than the DC39 model by approximately 2.2 kilograms -- where the DC26 weighs in at 5.3kg and the DC39 weighs in at 7.5kg. Which the potential user may to want to consider when it comes to storing the vacuum as well as its manoeuvrability (this being said, the DC39 comes with the unique Dyson Ball technology, whereas the DC26 is fixed wheeled -- hence the DC39 has a much greater steering mechanism, allowing the user to rapidly change angles with the DC39, whereas the DC26 would has to be dragged back and forth).

Cord Length & Maximum Reach

The cord length of the DC26 stands at around 5 metres, whereas the DC39 possesses a greater length -- at 6.5 metres. Moreover, the maximum reach through the hose of the DC26 is at 8 metres but again the DC39 has a larger  reach of 10 metres. In all, this provides the DC39 with an overall further reach, making it more useful and suitable for the larger household.

Dyson DC26 Canister Vacuum(118274)Credit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonAccessories

Both come with the unique Dyson stair tool and combination tool. However, the DC39 also comes with the Triggerhead tool and Musclehead tool that allows for finger tip control at the head of the handle of the vacuum for the motorized brush bar to interchange between soft and hard flooring, to get a more optimal clean.

Size of the Vacuum

As discussed above, you won't be surprised to find that the compact DC26 is considerably smaller than that of the DC39. The DC26 measures 26.7 cm in height, 33cm in width and 21cm in depth claiming to fit on to a single slice of A4 paper, which is obviously ideal for those who regard storage as being prominent in their household. The DC39 measures 50.7 cm in height, 36.8 cm in width and 26.1 cm in depth.

Root Cyclone Technology

They both possess the unique Dyson Root Cyclone technology preventing the canister vacuums from losing suction as debris builds up, however the DC39 possess an upgraded Radial Root Cyclone Technology, allowing it to capture more dirt than any other canister vacuum cyclon. It has been remodelled specifically to improve the suction power, which hence allows it to remove even more dust and pet hair from your home.


Both have been cleverly designed with transparent bins to allow you to know when the bin needs emptying as well as both possessing HEPA filters to prevent allergens etc. being expelled into the air. Moreover, both are being backed by a 5 year part and labour guarantee (be sure to check your specific retailer) as well as being available as an Animal version -- with the only difference being between the DC39 multi-floor and DC39 animal (as well as the difference between the DC26 multi-floor and DC26 animal)-- is that it is the same vacuum cleaner apart from the animal simply comes with a pet hair tool.

Dyson DC39 Canister VacuumCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonFurther Information

As mentioned above the DC39 is fixed with the Dyson Ball technology, making it the only canister vacuum to do so -- allowing for incredible ease of movement. Moreover, the DC39 has also been fixed with a reduced noise-dampening control mechanisms allowing for the sound to be insulated and therefore reducing the noise (decibel) of the DC39.

Price of the Vacuum Cleaner

You will find the price of the DC39 is usually somewhat more expensive than the DC26, although surprisingly not by a great deal, around a difference of $50-100 amongst various retailers. 

Summary -- Should You Buy the DC39 or DC26?

In my view the DC39 canister multi-floor offers you a lot more value for money than that of the DC26 multi-floor canister, as for an extra $100 to a $150 you get a far more powerful vacuum, a more practical vacuum (greater bin storage etc.) as well as the most up to date Dyson technology such as the Dyson Ball and Radial Root Cyclone technology and even more (as can be seen above). So anyone who doesn't know which one to buy, I would have to adamantly advise that you go for the DC39. The only reason for someone to opt for the DC26 instead is if space and storage is a really big issue in their household.

Do you agree? Which out of the DC39 and DC26 would you buy and why? If you have any questions or remarks specifically regarding the Dyson DC39 vacuum cleaner or the DC26 please make them in the comments box below.