DC39 Vs DC40

The following article is a brief and objective breakdown analysis -- comparing and contrasting the specifications, features and attachments of the Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum (Animal & Multi-floor) with that of the Dyson DC40 Upright Vacuum (Animal & Multi-floor) -- highlighting both their differences as well as their similarities, along with a final concluding verdict determining -- which is the better vacuum and which is the best vacuum suited to your needs and preferences.

Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum Vs Dyson DC40 Upright Vacuum

Differences in the Cleaning Performance

DC39: Constant Suction Power -- 280 Air Watts

DC40: Constant Suction Power -- 200 Air Watts

As can be seen from the above -- there is a clear difference in 'cleaning power' between the two models, with the Dyson DC39 being distinctly more powerful.

Similarities in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC39: Radial Root Cyclone Technology

DC40: Radial Root Cyclone Technology. Self-Adjusting Cleaning Head.

Both possess the new unique re-modelled Radial Root cyclone technology that prevents the vacuums from losing suction as well as being able to pick up even more dirt, pet hair etc. than the standard Root Cyclone technology of other Dyson models.

Moreover, the DC40 is fitted with the self-adjusting cleaning head so it automatically lowers or raises depending on whether you are vacuuming a hard or soft floor allowing for a more optimal clean. The DC39 on the other hand you have to manually 'switch' through the handle -- finger tip control.

Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC39: Canister. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 7.5 kg.

DC40: Upright. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 6.7 kg.

Your preference over the mobility of the vacuum will mainly come down to whether you prefer to use a canister or an upright vacuum. The DC40 and DC39 are fitted with the Dyson Ball allowing the user to benefit from a greater sense of control than that of the standard fixed wheel Dyson vacuums. Moreover, the DC39 does weigh slighty more -- so this is an impact to consider when measuring up the mobility of the vacuums.

Differences in Practicality

DC39: Size H:50.7 x W:36.8 x D:26.1 cm. Cord: 6.5 metres. Reach: 10 metres. Bin: 2 litres.

DC40:Size H:107 x W:35 x D:31 cm. Cord: 7.5 metres. Reach: 12.4 metres. Bin: 1.6 litres.

As can be seen in regards to storing the vacuum -- the DC39 lends itself as being more favourable due to it being more compact. However, in terms of vacuuming practicality the DC40 has a longer cord and reach ( although the DC39 does have a bigger storage bin capacity however) -- which  lends itself towards the larger house (but if such a feature is of real consideration you should probably consider the DC41 alternatively to that of the DC40).

Similarities in Accessories

DC39: Combination Crevice Tool. Stair Tool. Articulating Floor Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

DC40: Combination Crevice Tool. Stair Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

Both are pretty much fitted with the exact same accessories (with the combination and stair tool) -- apart from the articulating floor tool of the DC39. Moreover, if you were to buy the DC39 Animal or the DC40 Animal you come equipped with the Mini Turbine head, specifically designed for dealing with pet hair.

Further Information

Both are fitted with a lifetime HEPA washable filter that prevents allergens etc. from being expelled into the air.

The DC39 has been specifically fitted with noise dampening technology.

Should You Buy the DC39 or the DC40?

DC39 (Animal): $499.99

DC40 (Animal): $569.99

The best model overall -- in my view has to be the DC39, not just because I prefer to use a Canister vacuum that I can store away easier nor is it the fact that it is the only canister vacuum to be fitted with the Dyson Ball -- but mainly because it is so much more powerful than that of the DC40. Those however -- who have a strong preference for the upright vacuum, the DC40 could just edge it for you -- but with a price difference of $70, I can't imagine it is 'that' much of a difference and hence a DC39 provides you with more value.

Which one would you choose and why? Please let me know in the comments section below along with any other questions or remarks you may have regarding the DC39 Vs DC40 debate or either model in particular.