Dyson DC40 Vs DC65

Are you interested in investing in a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, however aren't quite sure whether specifically the Dyson DC40 or DC65 is ideal for you? Well if so, this comparison guide of the DC65 Vs DC40 will be able to help you out through highlighting feature by feature their significant variations as well as their similarities from both cleaning machines. From this you will ultimately gain a clear understanding as to what both the Dyson DC65 and DC40 have to offer you and how they specifically differ from one another.

Cleaning Performance & Suction Power

DC40: 200 air watts

DC65: 245 air watts | updated motorized brush

When comparing the cleaning performance of both the Dyson DC40 and DC65, there really isn't a lot of competition given that the DC65 is the best vacuum ever produced at cleaning "across both carpets and hard floors". This is due to it packing more suction power potential than any other modern upright vacuum cleaner -- with at least twice the suction power of its next best non-Dyson rival along with the re-engineered brush bar that allows it to be essentially 25% powerful. 

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $599.99 $509.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 31, 2014)

This being said, given the Dyson DC40 isn't actual a 'full size' vacuum cleaner, more of a mid-size one it still possesses a whole lotta of suction power (beating off many of the other standard full sized vacuums), so it is still more than capable of doing a very decent cleaning job in and around the house -- just here we are comparing it against essentially the best of the best.

Integrated & Fitted Technology

DC40: Radial Root Cyclone Technology

DC65: Updated Radial Root Cyclone Technology

It is this root cyclone technology that separates a standard vacuum from a Dyson vacuum, it is this technology that allows the Dyson vacuums to operate on a bagless system as well as to not suffer with loss of suction (like most non-Dyson vacuums). However, where they differ is that the DC65 possesses the most efficient and effective vacuum root cyclone system ever -- which means it is essentially capable of generating colossal centrifugal forces to drastically improve its pick up rate -- from microscopic dust particles to long thick pet hair.

Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Mar 31, 2014)

Mobility & 'Ease of Use'

DC40: Upright Vacuum, Dyson Ball, Weight -- 6.62 kg

DC65: Upright Vacuum, Latest Dyson Ball, Weight -- 7.85 kg.

As stated above essentially we are comparing a full sized vacuum (the DC65) with a mid size vacuum (the DC40), hence as expected the DC40 is considerably lighter by around 1.23 kg. Which in turn means the DC40 is actually easier to clean and operate with. Both however are a dream to use in comparison to standard heavy fixed wheel vacuum cleaners that have to be dragged back and forth to move around tight corners, the Dysons on the other hand are light and can be essentially turned on a dime with the Dyson ball technology.

Practicality Aspects

DC40: H: 107 x W: 35 x D: 31 cm. Cord - 7.5 m. Reach - 12.4 m. Bin - 1.6 liters.

DC65: H: 107.1 x W: 39.4 x D: 34 cm . Cord - 9.4 m. Reach - 14 m. Bin - 2.1 liters.

The DC65 given that it is a full size vacuum cleaner obviously has more extensive practical specifications, given it is actually specifically built for cleaning large American homes. The DC40 although doesn't offer as large a reach and bin capacity, is more compact and easier to store away. So essentially it is clear the DC65 is for those who are needing to clean a mid to large sized house whereas the DC40 is intended for smaller to mid size houses.

Attachments & Accessories

DC40: Combination tool. Stair tool. (tangle free turbine tool)

DC65: Combination tool. Stair tool. (tangle free turbine tool, soft dusting brush tool).

If you were to get the multi floor (origin) versions of the DC40 and DC65, then you get the standard set of accessories -- the combination tool which is a crevice tool used for cleaning tight gaps but also has the ability with a brush nozzle to perform powered dusting and also comes with a stair tool. Then if you get the DC40 animal or DC65 animal you get the extremely well regarded tangle free turbine tool that is rightly loved by pet owners with it being the most effective pet hair pick up device on the market (the DC65 animal also comes with the soft dusting brush tool for cleaning delicate surfaces). 

However, there is also the Dyson DC65 animal complete, what many regard to be as the ultimate vacuum cleaner that comes with no less than an additional 8 Dyson accessories, attachments & cleaning tools.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Mar 31, 2014)

Further Information

The Dyson vacuum cleaners are both certified with the Allergy & Asthma friendly certification due to them being installed with advanced HEPA filtration systems, meaning they are great for those who have allergy difficulties etc. Moreover, when you buy either of them new they are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty coverage program for parts & labor. 

What's the Difference Between the DC40 and DC65?

Clearly in regards as to 'which is better' that would be the Dyson DC65 because of the distinct difference in cleaning performance, where the DC65 blows the DC40 away. But, the main attribute is the difference in size and with that the ease of using one over the other and the practical specifications on offer.

Which Should You Buy the DC65 or DC40?

It mainly comes down to the size of your home that you are cleaning, if it is only small, the Dyson DC40 will be perfect for the job (where it doesn't require the extra cord length and reach as well as to some extent the extra cleaning power) but if you have a large home the 'beast' that is the DC65 will suit you down to the ground. Nothing will get your house cleaned quite like the DC65 animal complete, that is for sure.

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Mar 31, 2014)

Which Dyson upright vacuum cleaner will you go for the Dyson DC40 or DC65? Let me know in the comments section just below and why, along with any questions, general remarks or concerns regarding either the comparison of the Dyson DC40 Vs DC65 or either vacuum specifically and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.