DC41 Vs DC50

This article aims to provide you with an objective comparison between that of the Dyson DC41 (Animal) and that of the Dyson DC50 Animal, pointing to both their differences as well as their similarities -- in order to utlimately help you decipher which of the two vacuums better suits your specific needs and preferences.

Differences in Cleaning Performance

DC41: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 255 Air Watts

DC50: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 140 Air Watts

As can be seen there is a clear difference in the cleaning power between that of the Dyson DC41 and the Dyson DC50, a difference of 115 Air watts which is obviously quite considerable. Hence, there is going to be a pretty visible distinction in cleaning performance and finish -- in which the DC41 out 'sucks' (performs) that of the DC50. This being said, and which will become increasingly more apparent within the review between the two, that the DC50 shouldn't be thought to clean poorly by any means, it certainly possesses the capabilities of providing your house with a top quality clean.

Differences in Fitted Technology

DC41: Radial Root Cyclone Technology

DC50: Two-Tier Radial Cyclones

The DC41 is fitted with what I regard as the second RCT (Root Cyclone Technology) installment i.e an update to the first Root Cylone technology from Dyson -- allowing the vacuum to be bagless, won't sufferfrom  loss of suction with continued vacuuming and effectively allowing you to pick up smaller particles of dust etc. than the standard version (first installment). However, the DC50 as of 2013 is fitted with the very lastest third RCT installment -- a two-tier system which again allows the DC50 to pick up even finer particles than the Radial RCT -- Dyson claims the DC50 to pick up particles as small as 0.5 microns.

Differences in  Manoeuvrability

DC41: Upright Vacuum, Dyson Ball. Weight -- 7.8kg.

DC50: Upright Vacuum. 'Updated' Dyson Ball. Weight -- 5.4kg.

Both vacuums are upright, which of course is simply preference i.e if you prefer a cylinder based vacuum you are perhaps more inclined for a Dyson DC38 or DC39 for example. I would have initally indicated that the DC50 to be far more mobile and easier to handle simply due to it being that much lighter than the DC41 (a considerable 2.4kg difference). However, it came to my attention that it is even more so due to its 'updated' Dyson Ball technology, which has allowed the DC50 to become more streamline and hence better to handle within awkward spaces than that of the DC41. 

Differences in Practicality 

DC41: Size - H: 107.1 x W: 39.4 x D: 34 cm . Cord - 9.4 m. Reach - 14 m. Bin - 2.1 litres.

DC50: Size - H: 106.4 x W: 28 x D: 35.4 cm . Cord - 7.6 m. Reach - 8.7 m. Bin - 0.8 litres.

Obviously, from the stated 'dimensions' there is a clear difference in the size of the two vacuums -- the DC41 being much larger and hence more suited to the 'larger home' i.e those who are less space conscious, where as the DC50 is smaller and more compact i.e suited to those who are tight on space. There is also a clear distinction within the practicalities of the vacuums -- where the DC41 has a larger max reach as well as a bin size (more than 2.5 times as large), so clearly it demomstrates the DC41 is better suited to the larger home where such features are required, where as the DC50 is aimed for a smaller home owner where such a reach etc. isn't needed.

Differences in Accessories

DC41: Combination Tool. Stair Tool. Mini Turbine Head.

DC50: Combination Tool. Stair Tool. Tangle-Free Turbine Tool.

They are both fitted with the combination tool (which is just a crevice and a dust nozzle) and stair tool. The main difference being in regards to the accompanied accessories is that the DC41 Animal is fitted with the old pet hair tool (mini turbine head), where as the DC50 is fitted with the new pet hair tool (tangle free turbine head).

You can also purchase additional accessories for the DC41 and DC50 if needs be -- either individually such as the articulating hard floor tool or within accessory packages such as the Dyson car cleaning kit (or you could consider buying the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete -- which offers you a more versatile set of tools and includes the Tanlge-free turbine tool, certainly worth considering with the $100+ saved).

Further Information

It should also be crucially noted that the DC50 is fitted with Dyson's most 'advanced' cleaner head yet -- essentially allow for increased pick-up on both hard and soft flooring. 

They are both fitted with washable filters to prevent dust and allergens from being expelled into the air during vacuuming.

They also both come with self-adjusting cleaner heads to allow for optimized vacuuming performance i.e lowers for hard flooring and rises for soft flooring which can be interchanged by you through finger tip button controls.

Moreover, both are fixed with the Dyson 5 year warranty guarantee when purchased new.

Should You Buy the Dyson DC41 or DC50?

Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $599.00 $450.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 3, 2013)
Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $499.00 $380.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 3, 2013)

[Dyson DC50 is not currently retailing in the U.S but can be purchased through the U.K at around £360, so I am guessing it will arrive in the U.S for around $479.99 (probably less). To be updated.]

Despite, their (predicted) difference in price -- I think it is clear that the two vacuums are aimed at two different groups -- those who require a larger vacuum for a larger house, the DC41 offers more practical arrangements and value i.e a larger reach, larger storage bin capacity etc. where as the DC50 is suited to those who are in need of a powerful vacuum yet compact i.e those who need it for a flat or an apartment, yet are in need of a top quality finish. 

Which will you buy, the DC41 or the DC50? Please let me know which one and why in the comments section below and also be sure to leave any remarks, questions or concerns you have regarding either the comparison or about the vacuums individually e.g. further technical aspects of the DC41, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.