Dyson DC24 Vs DC25 Review

If you are wondering whether 'should I buy a Dyson DC24 or DC25' then you have come to the right place. Below, I am going to present you with a detailed breakdown analysis of both the Dyson DC24 as well as the Dyson DC25, pointing out both their positive and negative aspects along with an overall concluding verdict. Then finally an overall summary of which model I personally recommend for which specific purpose, as well as an analysis that you can conduct for yourself -- all to help aid you in your decision of which model of Dyson you would prefer to buy. Also, be sure that you check out the video 'Dyson DC24 Vs Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner comparison' for further insights at the end of the review article.

The Dyson DC24 Ball Multi Floors Upright Vacuum CleanerDyson DC24 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum CleanerCredit: Amazon.com -- Dyson

The primary selling point of the DC24 as opposed to other traditional Dyson upright vacuum cleaners is that it is 'ultra-lightweight' (weighing only 11.6 pounds, 5.4kg -- making it Dyson's lightest upright) allowing the DC24 to be both mobile and easy to manuever.

The DC24 also possesses many of the standard Dyson technology such as the new highly rated 'Ball technology' that allows a user to manuever the Dyson vacuum with greater ease and control as opposed to a traditional vacuum cleaner that often has to be dragged back and forth due to rigid wheeling structures -- saving on unnecessary effort for the user. It is also assembled with the traditional root cyclone technology that allows for no bags as well as no loss of suction, in a clear container so you know when the cleaner needs emptying.

Moreover, the DC24 comes with specific product features such as its 'reversible wand' that acts to awkward areas and the motorized brush bar specifically designed for per hair removal. The issue that may arise for some users is the power of the DC24 or lack of, with only 115 air watts, it makes the DC24 one of the less abled for suction power in the Dyson range, having said that it didn't appear to me as a major issue when in use.

The Dyson DC25 Ball Multi Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum CleanerCredit: Amazon.com -- Dyson

Again, the Dyson DC25 also possesses standard Dyson technology such as the 'Ball technology' allowing for greater control and ease of use for the user, through its twisting and turning capabilities, as well as Root Cyclone technology eliminating the need for bags as well as no loss of suction.

Although slightly heavier than the DC24, the DC25 shouldn't exactly be regarded as heavy weighing in at approximately 7.4kg. Obviously, given in the name as well as the DC24 is that the vacuum cleaners are suited to every floor type from carpets to hard-flooring. Moreover, the DC25 like the DC24 contains a HEPA filter that collects household allergens, leaving clean 'expelled air'.

The DC25 has to be considered like the big brother to the DC24, a larger built vacuum cleaner that comes with a suction power of almost double the DC24 -- 220 air watts, meaning the DC25 is simply built for bigger and harder tasks.

The Similarities and Differences Between the Dyson DC24 &  Dyson DC25

As you can see from above, there is little that separates the DC24 and DC25 from a standard view, both possess similar unique Dyson technologies such as the 'Ball' & 'Root Cyclone' -- they also come with similar features such as the HEPA filters as well as the attachable reversible wands. Furthermore, the accessories are primarily similar, with the DC24 & DC25 aimed for brushing and dusting nozzles, as well as both being backed by a 5 year warranty.

The main differences comes in the dimensions & power of the Dyson upright vacuum cleaners, with the DC24 being lighter than that of the DC25 by roughly 2kg as well as the DC24 being less powerful with an air suction of just 115 air watts compared to that of the DC25 with 220 air watts. The prices are also rather different, the DC24 as of 13/08/2012 is priced at $375 compared to the DC25 at $585, a difference of roughly $210. A note should also be made of the differing bin capacities, where the DC24 stores just .19 gallons where as the DC25 stores just over .3 gallons.

Should you buy the Dyson DC24 or the DC25?

In my view, if you have a rather large house and are wanting it spotless then I would opt for the DC25 due to its pure power and ease of suction, however if you are looking for a greater balance between cleaning and the ease of storing (being lighter and smaller) and the physical act of moving the vacuum about (as well as saving a fair bit of cash) then the DC24 is the way to go -- if you are serious about buying a DC24 or DC25 be sure to check out the video comparison of the DC24 & DC25 below to try and gain a more helpful insight. Let me and others know what you think when it comes to 'Should I buy a Dyson DC24 or DC25' by leaving a comment below or if you have any additional general remarks then also please do comment below.

Dyson DC24 vs DC25 Vacuum Cleaner Comparison