DC34 Vs DC35

If you are wondering what the differences (& similarities) are between the Dyson DC34 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner and the Dyson DC35 digital slim vacuum cleaner -- and/or are weighing up which model to buy, then you have come to the right place. Below, you will find a detailed breakdown analysis comparing both the Dyson DC34 and the Dyson DC35, pointing to both their positive and negative aspects as well each model's specifications, along with a concluding verdict as to which model of vacuum cleaner is best suited to your personal needs and preferences.

 Dyson DC34 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Vs  Dyson DC35 Cordless Digital Slim

Air Watts (the Suction Power)

Dyson DC34 Multi Floor Handheld Vacuum with Longer Run TimeCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonThe DC34 claims to provide twice the suction power of any other handheld -- its constant suction however varies due to its dual power mode, on 'normal' it has a power of 38 air watts whereas at 'max' mode it rises by 27 air watts to a powerful 65 air watts. You will find however find that the DC35 doesn't differ much with a suction power of 28 air watts at the end of the extended wand in 'normal' mode, however '60' air watts at max mode.

Storage Bin Capacity

Both the DC34 and the DC35 have the same bin capacity of 0.35 litres which is roughly 0.075 gallons. Moreover, both feature a clear bin allowing the user to determine when the vacuum cleaner requires emptying (which is done at the simple click of a button).

Weight of the Vacuum

The DC35 weighs in as the heavier of the two (when the long-reach wand is attached) at 2.25kg, whereas when the wand is detached both the DC35 & DC34 weigh approximately the same at roughly 1.33kg.


Both are extremely lightweight and well ergonomically designed, plus the fact that they are cordless makes both the DC34 and DC35 a real ease to use.

Battery Life & Charge Time

The DC34 (with longer run time) lasts 15 minutes on its normal function, and 6 minutes on max mode (functioning at a 70% higher suction) -- recharging fully within approximately 200 minutes. Again, the DC35 lasts 15 minutes with its normal function (13 minutes with the 'motorized floor tool' equipped) and again 6 minutes on max. With a recharging capability of up to 3 x faster than other cordless vacuum cleaners -- again roughly 200 minutes. Both equal.


Both Dyson models come with the 'combination tool', where a 'debris nozzle' can also become a 'brush tool' for dust particles. As well as the 'crevice tool', which allows for "high velocity airflow" which is mainly used for cleaning in between furniture as well as the skirting. Where the DC35 differs is that it also comes with the extended wand and motorized brush tool so it can essentially become a cordless upright vacuum cleaner as well as being accompanied with  a docking station. 

Size of the Vacuum 

Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor Lightweight Cordless Vacuum CleanerCredit: Amazon.com -- DysonWhen the DC35 is detached from the extended wand, the DC35 and DC34 are about the same in size -- at 20.5 cm in height, 11.cm in width, and 32.2 cm in depth, however when the DC35 has the extended wand attached it increase by height to 112 cm as well as width to 23cm. Both, easy to store -- especially for the DC35 with its own docking station.


Both the DC34 and the DC35 come with the Dual Mode option ('standard' and 'max'), allowing you to gain extra (by 70%) 'power' for the more difficult cleaning tasks. They are also powered by the "unique smaller, lighter and powerful" Dyson Digital Motor leaving no carbon dust as well as being 3 times faster than other conventional motors leaving both the DC34 and DC35 as being two of the most power-efficient cordless vacuum cleaners on the current market. They also incorporate Dyson's unique Root Cyclone technology preventing you from losing suction power. Both models are Energy Star Qualified -- classing them as energy-efficient products.

Price of the Vacuum Cleaner

The DC34 will often be a fair bit cheaper than the DC35 by a difference of roughly a $100, as of 15/08/2012, the DC34 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner can be bought through Amazon.com for just under $200, and the DC35 multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner can be bought for just under $300. It is also worth mentioning that both models are also available in 'animal' mode -- being designed specifically for users with pets, which costs usually an extra $50.

The Differences: Should You Buy a Dyson DC34 or a Dyson DC35?

Essentially, they are both handheld vacuum cleaners that come with very similar specifications (as you can see from above), however the DC35 also offers you the ability to convert it into a cordless floor vacuum cleaner (with the extended wand, 2 x motorized brushes etc). Furthermore, the DC35 also comes with a docking wall mount station as well as the same accessories as the DC35. So personally, in all I have to conclude that the DC35 offers better value for your money, simply for the fact it can offer you so much more just for an extra $100. Let me know what you would choose ... the 'Dyson DC34 Cordless Handheld Vacuum cleaner or the Dyson DC35 cordless multi-floor vacuum cleaner ?' and why in the comments box below. If you have any questions regarding specifics of either the Dyson DC34 Animal or the DC35 then please do post it in the comments box also.