Picking Between Two Popular Centrifugal Models

Look at Price, Noise, Durability and Ease of Use

Big Mouth Juicer side viewCredit: BoomerBill

So you’re interested in juicing and aren’t quite sure which brand of centrifugal juicer to buy.  The Jack LaLanne and HB models are both extensively used and popular.  I’ve had both and have some thoughts on how to decide which one is better for you.  Let’s consider price, noise, durability and ease of use.  These are the main factors in which to judge competing machines.


The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer runs about $100.  The HB can be acquired for less than $50.  For that price difference, the LaLanne model needs to be appreciably better than the Hamilton Beach in order to become your unit of choice.

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Neither of these models can be described as quiet.  The motors spin the blades loudly enough and then pushing the fruits and vegetables through the chute generates even more sound.  I my experience the Hamilton Beach is a little bit quieter, but not enough to really impact a purchasing decision.  Both of these machines can wake up anyone trying to sleep close to the kitchen. 


In terms of durability, the HB model gets my vote here by a wide margin.  I started my juicer career with two different Jack LaLanne Power Juicers and I burned out the motor of both.  Jack LaLanne photoCredit: wikipedia.org photographer Cliff Riddle, HollywoodWhen you push on the fruits or vegetables to get them down the chute, the LaLanne model can’t take much pressure.  With the Big Mouth, I can practically stand on the juicing material as I push it.  Although the blades may slow down with additional pressure, the HB motor never stops working.  With the JL model, more pressure causes the motor to stop working and start smoking.  At that point, the juicer is dead and will never work again.

If you strictly follow the operator’s manual on the JL unit, you probably won’t have problems.  I admit I get impatient and don’t let gravity take care of feeding the fruits and vegetables through the chute.  I’m generally making juice in the morning prior to work and sometimes my patience gets the best of me.   The HB is much more forgiving of my impatience than the LaLanne.

I also found that the Jack LaLanne’s blades would become dull over what seemed to be a limited period of time.  Those can be replaced by online ordering.  Nevertheless, the Big Mouth I currently use has had the same blade unit for over a year with no hint of becoming duller.Big Mouth front viewCredit: BoomerBill

The durability factor is a strong vote in favor of the HB machine.

Ease of Use

Both of these juicers operate the same way and one is not really easier to use than the other.  Perhaps the Hamilton Beach machine gets a slight nod here if you’re in a hurry and want to push on your juicing materials to hasten the process.  Similarly, the cleanup of the juicers is the same as well.  You take them apart, then rinse and scrub the pieces.  Both models have equal inconvenience for the cleanup process.  Accordingly, the ease of use for the machines is more or less a draw.


Based on pricing and durability strongly in favor of the Big Mouth, I would recommend acquiring the Hamilton Beach product instead of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer.  

Buy the Big Mouth

I love mine!

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