"The 4-Hour Workweek" is the now classic, 2007 book by Tim Ferriss about lifestyle design and small business automation.  Tim brings to light his reality of working 4 hours per week and traveling the world on his own will.  Regardless of your opinion, the book is a really great read, and I highly suggest taking the time to check it out.  You will earn your money back by putting just a few of Tim's principles in place.

In 2009 Tim Ferriss and his publisher released "The 4-Hour Workweek" expanded and updated edition, with more than 100 pages of new and revised content.  As of the writing of this article, the original book was about $7 on Amazon and the new edition was double that, at $14.

Is the new edition worth the $7 extra?

First, let's dive into what the specific extras are in expanded and updated edition.  This version of the New York Times best seller updates the sections on Virtual Assistants(VA's) and personal chef's.  If you're like me, that alone doesn't make your tail wag.  I don't really need a personal chef of VA at this time, nor do I think I ever will.

The real gold comes in where the book expands on the concepts introduced in the first edition.  This new edition is much more actionable, with more tips, shortcuts and worksheets.  Tim shares tons of case studies and new, high-tech shortcuts to make money quicker.  When I read the first edition, I wished for a little bit more of this.  I am happy to find so much great information in this expanded and updated edition.

While I agree that the updated parts don't justify the extra $7, these bonus tips, tricks and case studies make the expanded edition totally worth it.  Even if you only use some of these tips and tricks, you will easily earn back your whole $14 within a short time frame, and will be able to soon buy copies for friends too!  I have found this success myself through multiple avenues of income, and can tell you that it works!

While it does take time to automate your workflow and only work 4 hours a week, this book is valuable the instant you read because of many personal productivity tips and guides on focusing your dreams.