Computers are becoming more user friendly by simplifying the way operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows) function. However, this doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong from time to time. While IT support can help with technical problems, there are a few things you can do at home before you make that call.

Some problems may be due to an important setting being changed. If someone other than you has used your computer and you’ve noticed it’s not running the same, they may have accidentally altered something they weren’t supposed to. It could be something simple, like changing the screen resolution of your monitor. If this is the case, asking them what they changed (even if they didn’t mean to) will mean you can go back and set it right again.

Errors which are unexplainable can be caused by a number of things. A lot of the time it’s not easy to tell what’s causing the issue. Fortunately, if it’s a software problem or your computer seems to be running sluggish, a simple restart may resolve it.

Bring in the cavalry

Even if you have no experience or knowledge with troubleshooting, most people nowadays know someone who is. Whether this person is a relative, friend or neighbour, there will be someone you know who can be called upon to lend a hand. This is good because it saves you having to call out a professional. However, this doesn’t mean your friend knows everything about computers. Some people are good at software, some are good at hardware and others are good at networking issues. Everybody has their own strengths.

Another good method is performing a Google search. Looking for your problem online can yield a lot of useful results and you may be able to pinpoint the problem. While it’s a very useful resource, you can become bogged down by too much information, some of which may be complicated or contain a lot of jargon. It’s also possible that your issue is so rare or specific there’s no information about it. Or perhaps you are having trouble connecting to the internet in the first place, which means a Google search isn’t possible.

When it comes down it, sometimes you just have to call the experts. IT support services are a professional team of computer experts who can guide you through just about any technical problems, even if you’re a beginner. Even adept computer users have to throw in the towel sometimes and call them.