Doing a favor for a neighbor may sound easy enough? And if you live in apartments long enough, its only a matter of time before one of your neighbors asks you if you can do something for them. Usually you will hear a knock at the door or maybe he or she will see you in the hallway. But the question you should be asking yourself is “should you do it”?  Read on to find out what you will need to consider before you say “yes” or “no”. 

 Situations Where You Should Say “No”

 If you simply don’t want to do it or can’t do it, then saying “no” should be your response. Unless you owe them a favor, you should not feel as though you owe them anything. Here are some other instances when saying “no” should be an option.

 You Just Cannot Do It: If you cannot keep the promise then saying no is a must. 

 Its Not Safe For You To Do It: If you are allergic to cats, obviously you would not be able to be able to watch or take care of the cat. Under this situation, you would have to say no.

 You Don’t Feel Comfortable Completing The Task: Remember you don’t have to justify why you fee like saying no. If your simply not comfortably completing the task, you don’t need an excuse.

 You Feel As Though You Might Be Taken Advantage Of: Of course doing one favor may be a nice thing to do. But if you neighbor keeps asking for favors and you feel that they are becoming too comfortable asking, its a good time to say no. And you should have no problem doing it.

 Your Neighbor Is Getting Too Close: Again if you keep saying “yes” they may get extremely comfortable asking you for favors. So saying “no” should be your desired response.

 When You Can Say “Yes”

 *If you ever need a favor from your neighbor in the future, then doing a favor for them now may be a good decision.

 *You feel like being nice