P90X Vs Insanity

You may have come across both the P90x workout and the Insanity workout, in your goal to get fit and lean at home -- which is really great by the way -- but you may be confused as to which is better and ultimately which is more suited for you. However, the following showcase can you help on such a matter. Below, you will find a detailed breakdown comparing the positive and negative aspects of both Tony Horton's P90X workout as well as Shaun T's Insanity workout, as well as a concluding verdict for each.

Tony Horton's P90X Workout Vs Shaun T's Insanity Workout

Objectives - Weight Loss or Toning

The actual objectives and outcomes of both workouts are rather different, where the P90X is designed towards toning and bulking (as well as weight loss) through 'muscle confusion', the Insanity workout is directed more as a cardio based program with MIT (max interval training), which is probably more ideal for  those who want to see a more dramatic change in weight loss and drop in body fat percentage.

Time Committment & Workout Routines

The P90X requires a larger time committment, as in the name P90X lasts for ninety days, whereas the Insanity workout lasts a totalof  sixty days. Not only that, the P90X total workout routine also usually last longer -- on average at just over an hour, where as the Insanity workouts are on average just under the hour. Both commit to a similar schedule of working out 6 days of the week, and resting on the seventh.

Equipment Required

A great aspect of the Insanity workout is that no real equipment is needed, they suggest using a mat for comfort purposes, but other than that nothing is vital to carry out the Insanity workout. The P90X however, may requires the additional purchase of a pull up bar and dumbbells for some of their workout routines, which is obviously not great for those who want to work out on the go or lack storage. Furthermore, P90X also recommends you take additional supplements such as protein powder etc.

What's in the Package?

Both have a very similar package deal. With the P90X ultimate purchase you are provided with 12 DVD workouts from the 'Ab Ripper X' to 'Legs and Back', along with a 3 part nutrition plan (aimed at building muscle) and overall fitness guide -- as well as a progress tracker. Whereas the Insanity workout comes with 10 DVD workouts along with a nutrition guide (aimed at weight loss) and progress calendar. 


You will also find that they are pretty similar in price -- often fetching over the $100 mark (Tip: Check out the Used P90X and Insanity on place like Amazon.com, often you can get the workout routines for a fair bit cheaper but still maintain the same 'like new' condition).

Should I Buy Insanity or P90X?

If you are a beginner and wondering which one to do first, "Should I do P90X or Insanity first?" to get just fit in general -- then I would probably advise that you go for Tony Horton's P90X first, as the Insanity workouts can get pretty intense even for regular gym goers and the such like. Also, you have more control over the workout that you actually carry out with the P90X such as the weights, the number of reps within the set and so on. However, if you are dead set on weight loss & reducing your body fat percentage levels and don't have as much time to commit, then it is probably best to go with the Insanity workout. Tell me which workout you have chosen to go and why? Also, be sure to drop back here and let me know how it goes. Furthermore, if you have any comments or questions regarding 'Should I do P90X or Insanity?' then please write them in the comments box below.