Does a Dog or Cat Make a Better Pet for You?

Many people reach a time in life when they want to add a pet to the home.  Whether you already have a family or are just looking for some companionship, there are many types of animals that are popular pets.  From fish to rats and snakes, there is no shortage of options.  The most popular pets are dogs and cats and this often raises the question, “Should I get a dog or cat?”  Well, here are Dog or Cat(75922)some pros and cons to help you make that decision. 

Dogs as Pets

Dogs make wonderful companions and family members.  They are very social and most of them thrive on interaction with their owners.  Some breeds need more attention than others but none do well with isolation.  Larger dog breeds and some small breeds need a lot of exercise and this can make it very difficult to have a large dog in an apartment.  It is done but extended exercise outings on a daily basis will be necessary to keep your friend happy, healthy, and from tearing your apartment apart.  Puppies will relieve themselves on your floor until you can get them house trained.  This can stain carpet and furniture and requires some patience on your part.  Dog training crates and puppy pads cn help reduce your puppy’s learning curve but it can still be a slow process.  Puppies also shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.  To figure out how long to leave a puppy alone, it is recommended that you add one hour for every month of the puppy’s age.  This means a one month old puppy should only be left alone for one hour while a three month old puppy can be left alone for three hours at a time.  Keep this in mind because paying a doggy daycare will be an added expense if you need it.

Cats as Pets

Cats can be social at times but rarely need as much attention as dogs do.  They can get all the exercise they need inside of an apartment or small house.  They can also be trained to use a litter box very easily.  The down side of this is that there will be a litter box that will need cleaned regularly.  Even with regular cleaning, there will be a strong odor from time to time when there are fresh droppings in the litter box.  Some cats enjoy spending time with their owners while others are more independent and spend most or they time on their own.  If you kitty is mischievous while you are away you can use a cat crate.  These are similar to dog crates and are available from online pet stores.

Dog or Cat?

Making a decision between a dog or cat comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle.  Will you be patient enough and time to house train a puppy?  Do you want to cuddle with your pet in the evenings?  There are a lot of things to consider here.  These are just basic guidelines.  Different breeds of both dogs and cats have slightly different characteristics so it is best to do in-depth research before making your final decision.