This is a question a lot of people are asking. Whether to keep a boyfriend is not a problem with a simple answer. The answer really depends on a number of factors. Evaluating a condition or situation along with making an informed decision is always best for any question of importance.

Ask yourself the questions outlined here, evaluate your answers and make an informed decision as to whether you should keep the man in your life or not.

a)      He is acting immature

The concern is how immature is he acting and when does it present itself.

He could see his behavior as adequate and your definition as inaccurate. How you define immature or childish behavior and how he defines it could be two different things.

If he is acting immature, discover why. Some men mature more quickly than others. Your definition of acting immature can actually be his way of having fun with his friends or blowing off some steam. Do you have different senses of humor? Is he really not up to your level of maturity or is there something else.

There is a possibility that he is acting appropriately for spending time with his friends or hanging out with his older brother versus being with you. It is great to have a little fun here and there. Though, there is never a serious adult relationship where being mature is not necessary a majority of the time. Being that special someone in another’s life means there will be lots of circumstances that call for it. If he is not up to the task, get rid of him.

b)      Your family doesn’t like him

The question is why your family does not like him.

Keep him around if your family simply doesn’t know him. They could have a bad first impression or simply not tried to get to know your special someone. If this is the case, let them become acquainted with the man you hope to spend a lot of special time with.

If they feel this way because he has treated you terribly, he is not one you want to stick around. If he has treated you bad, do not offer up another chance or time to treat you worse. Get rid of him as soon as possible.

If he is the one to keep, he will always try to put you on a pedestal. Your family obviously loves you and wants you happy and treated as special as they know you are. There are times when a family is seeing things you cannot. Remember they are outside looking in with a better chance of being much more subjective about things than you.  Many times you are too close to a state of affairs to see the relationship as clearly as they do.

Consider what you think and the impressions you have as well as what they have to say before making a verdict.

c)       You like different things

The thought to ponder is whether you have similar interests.

Simply because he likes to enjoy a football or baseball game on a weekend afternoon and you do not, no worries. This will not translate to mean you like different things and cannot be together.

Everyone is different. No two people are exactly alike which means no two people will ever like all of the same things. If differences in two people spill over into subjects like religion or when to begin having a physical relationship it normally is a deal breaker for a couple. Though, small variations in likes and dislikes is actually quite healthy.

Do you have the same goals, values and morals? Couples that can agree on these viewpoints will generally work around the smaller disparities. If you can answer that you do have some of the same interests and like some of the same things then keep him.

d)      Can you depend on him

The matter to consider is how dependable is he

He may have bailed on plans for your weekend together or called an hour later than he said he would. In both cases dependability comes into play, but the situation does not warrant punishment of being banished.

An unreliable man who has a habit of lying about important matters or a cheater is a scenario which could show he isn’t quite ready for a committed relationship or to be your boyfriend. This scenario is a revelation to move on and search for another true love. You cannot depend on him when he lies or cheats on you.

In conclusion

No relationship is ever perfect. When wondering if you should keep your boyfriend, mull over the issues outlined here and the answers shared. If you are searching for an answer to a question, sometimes it is necessary to ask and find the reply to it with a new viewpoint. You may have some hesitation or gray areas where a response is not simply black and white. However, don’t let this slow you down or stop you in the pursuit of your own happiness.