Baby Food

Have you ever asked yourself, "should I make my own babyfood?" I know many mothers that have struggled with this decision and they go back and forth, unsure of what to do. The answer will depend on why you're considering this decision and how educated you are on the process of making your own babyfood.

The one reason I hear most often is that mom's don't want their babies to ingest preservatives. If this is the case for you, then you can go ahead and run to the store and buy yourself some baby food! Jarred baby food does not contain any preservatives! How can this be? How can it sit on the shelf without going bad if there are no preservatives in it? Well, baby food is preserved using vacuum sealing methods. That's why each time you open a jar, you hear that happy little, "pop!" sound. If you open a jar and don't hear that sound then you need to throw the jar away!

The next most popular reason that mom's have for making their own baby food is that they want their baby to receive only organic foods. Baby food makers today understand that desire and they have answered it with organic jarred baby food! There are several brands on the market that are certified organic – including a line of organic food produced by Gerber!

Some mother's want to make their own baby food to save money. This is actually a valid reason to make your own baby food! You can certainly buy a whole squash or some sweet potatoes and make many servings of baby food out of just one of them. However, baby food may not be as expensive as you think. Many meals for baby will cost you less than $1!

Another reason I hear for mom's wondering, "should I make my own baby food?" is that they want healthier options for their little ones. Yet, if you pick up a jar of baby food on the shelf and read the ingredients, you will generally only find the fruit/veggie/meat listed on the label and maybe some water. When jarred baby food is made, it is just done by mashing up the food product and then adding some water to attain the appropriate consistency, much like you would be doing at home when making your own baby food.

It is a noble thing to want to make your baby's baby food, especially if you want to have total control over what is going into your little one's belly, but it is not an easy task! It may also come with some start-up costs, depending on how you go about it. It is something that is going to take time, and maybe more than you think. You not only have to cook the vegetables, fruit, or meat in order to soften it, but you will then need to grind, puree, or mash the food. Then you will have to separate it into proper portion sizes and put it into something that you can freeze it in. Some mom's use sanitized baby food jars, or there are also trays you can purchase that are specifically made for making baby food. Then once this is all done, you will have to clean up the mess you've most likely made during the process!

There are some mother's who still wish to make their own baby food, in spite of all of the work and time involved, and those mom's should be applauded for their effort. It is, however, not for everyone, especially if you work away from home. Why is that? Well, if you're like most moms that work full time, you have only a precious few hours to spend with your little one each evening and then a couple of days off during the week. Do you really want to spend some of those hours making baby food when the kind you can buy on the supermarket shelf is essentially the same thing? If it is a matter of saving money, then I say go for it! But if it is more about wanting to give your little one a healthy meal, don't feel guilty about feeding your baby jarred baby food, it is not only safe, but a healthy way to feed your baby! When asking yourself the question, "should I make my own babyfood," there is no right or wrong answer, just your own preference, so do what you feel is best for you and your baby! If you have made the decision to make your own baby food, check out some Must-Have Tools For Making Your Own Baby Food.