One of the biggest challenges when starting a new website is finding a way to rank higher in the search engines so that you can draw more traffic to your site.  The best way to accomplish this is by getting quality links from various websites on the Internet.  Directories are a great place for a new website to get started.  By listing your new site in several directories, you will get valuable back links to your site which will increase your ability to be found by those searching for it on search engines.

As you find various web directories you will find that there is a lot of variation when it comes to price.  Some sites are free and others can cost quite a bit of money.  Free is always best, right?  In truth, when it comes to web directories the answer is not always.  You see, many of the free sites are low ranking on the search engines themselves.  Likewise, if they are not relevant to your site, you will also see little result.  If you choose a few great paid directories, you may see much better results that listing your site in all of the free ones.  The real question is determining the best way to use your advertising budget to help your website to grow.

It can be difficult to choose which sites are the best for listing your website.  There is no hard set rule to use.  Generally, choose sites that apply to yours and that have high rankings.  This will reap more result that posting to sites with low page ranks or that simply don’t apply.  These sites are usually a great choice if you do want to pay to list your web site on their directory.

Yahoo is a big name when it comes to listing your website.  They have a lot of traffic to their site and can reap great rewards for those that choose to use their directory service.  Of course, these benefits come at a steep price.  You can expect to pay several hundred dollars each year to list your site on their directory.  This can be very expensive and can make it nearly impossible for smaller websites to list themselves here.  This can be very expensive and can make it nearly impossible for smaller websites to list themselves on Yahoo.
This site is also an expensive choice when it comes to web directories.  Of course, they charge a lot because their site gets results. has a heavy traffic which means that your business will likely be seen by their many visitors.  This site tends to be about as effective as Yahoo and is a great choice.  Their fee is payable once each year.

Directory Journal
One benefit of this site is that they allow deep link posting which can really pay off in your search results.  Additionally, you can direct site visitors to various pages throughout your site which allows you to build up some of your internal pages.  This site only charges a one time fee, which can really help your business to grow year after year for just one set price.

A great way to build your website is to use a combination of  free and paid directories.  This will help your site to grow on multiple levels rather than in just method.  Use a few of these and other paid sites and several free directories as a part of your overall website SEO strategy.