It’s a question that millions of people ask themselves day after day, “Should I quit my job?” This can be a very difficult question with the number of factors involved. The results in both directions could have a major effect on your life. You could end up getting a new job or making plenty of money working for yourself but you could also end up broke on the street begging for change. It really can come down to what you’re willing to do. There are many personal reasons why someone might want to quit their job.

Have another opportunity?

If you have another opportunity in life then you should probably consider quitting your job. If you have already received the offer that is. If you’re even considering taking the new job then it probably is a better environment for you anyway. In life, there are jobs that you wouldn’t even consider leaving, even with better benefits. Keep looking until you find that job or at least as close as you can get.

Do you hate the people?

If you hate your boss then you’re in the majority. Do you just hate some co-workers? It’s not often a good reason to quit a job. It’s usually something that can be cleared up with just a change of perspective. It is also very difficult to explain to future employers. There is one exception in my mind though. If your boss causes the following then it’s very fair to consider quitting.

Does it affect your health?

If you hate your life waking up for the job, if you lose sleep over your job, or if it causes medical problems from the stress then you need to quit your job. Accept a lower paying job if needed. You can’t let your health deteriorate over a paycheck. A salary can be just as addictive as a drug. If it’s killing you then you need to quit.

Is the company going under?

If your company is going under then you should also consider quitting. If you failed to receive a paycheck or you failed to receive a paycheck then you should be leaving the job. Unless you enjoy the company of being there you have no reason to be there. They may pay you tomorrow but over time they can end up owing thousands of dollars with no way to pay it off.

So, “Should I quit my job?” that’s a very personal question. What is motivating you? Ask yourself the following, what will I do after I quit? If you have a solid answer then move on to, “What if a future employer asked about it?” if you feel comfortable with your answer then you are cleared. Do what you can to start whatever you want to do before you quit but you can’t spend your life trying to make others happy. Quitting a job can be very difficult. Many of you already know the right decision. Sometimes you just have to make it. No one is entirely sure what the future might hold. Quitting from your job can be a risk but don’t forget that staying at your job poses its own risks. Think about both sides of the risk.