Are you wondering: "should I quit my job and make a go of making a full time living through internet marketing?"

Maybe you think

"I'm making a little bit of money through Google Adsense and Amazon here and there via InfoBarrel, Hubpages, Xomba and others - so I know it's possible earn, but it's just pennies here and there. What if I quit my job - I hate it anyway - and had a go at making a fulltime living online through internet marketing - would it work? Could I replace my income in, let's say, 6 months time?

It's a common thought for many of us who write for Infobarrel or even make a few dollars here and there filling out surveys online. We want freedom from our stinky job, stinky boss, stinky cubicle, stinky pay packet, stinky insecurity, stinky commute and stinky groundhog day dreary sameness. Perhaps you have daydreamed about turning up at work one day and telling your boss - I'm leaving because I'm now earning 10 times more money online than I ever did in this stinky job! (btw, read here for tips on how to give a great leaving work speech) Or perhaps you want freedom to work from anywhere in the world - summers on the East Coast, winters on the West Coast?

I earned $17,743 in just 3 weeks of setting up my internet business

Bet you've read something like this before? All the internet marketing gurus say it's really easy to make money online - all you need to do is to sign up for their autoblog, or DVD set, ebook, membership course or mastermind group. I'm not saying these are good or bad, I'm simply saying that I can bet you anything that the majority of people who buy one of these internet marketing courses do not make any where near the amount of money that's hinted at in the guru's sales pitch (note: "hinted at": of course the gurus have disclaimers and 'results not typical' small print). Why is that? And how can I be sure that I'm not going to be one of the people who sign up for an expensive IM product and don't make a cent?

Want my advice?

Quit your job ~ for a couple of weeks. What I mean is ~ take two weeks off work and pretend that you have quit your job and now you are working fulltime on your internet income. Practise getting up early - working from home (or the local library, coffee shop, park bench...) and setting up websites, answering emails, writing articles, doing keyword research, checking your stats, tweaking your website themes, creating backlinks, looking for other forms of monetization etc. Don't just do it for a day - you will need to try this fulltime internet lifestyle for at least one week, preferably two. I know that will eat up your alloted vacation days but it will be worth it. That way you will truly know if you have the self-discipline, the desire, inner productivity, motivation and personal situation to make the leap to full time.

Earning a living online is so easy - anyone can do it - even my grandmother

I know the gurus say "it's so easy - anyone can do it. Watch this video testimonial of a 97 year old grandma checking her Amazon earnings", but if that was the case, how come you haven't come across as many full time internet marketing earners as you have doctors, lawyers, realtors and marketing executives?

The truth is that the path to a fulltime income online takes hard work, discipline, realistic expectations, time, patience, persistence, focus and productivity and a strong mindset. It's possible, definitely possible to quit your job and live off affiliate earnings and travel the world with just a laptop and an smile. But make sure you give yourself a dress rehearsal of at least one week, preferably two weeks before you even start to think about giving that last day of work farewell speech.

To your internet success!

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